I told him I wanted to go and got directions. I really have no idea what the audio problems were. I like a full powered smoke such as this and the pepper tones are kept to a minimum. She managed to do that. The foot needs another serious touch up. This cigar is packed full of tobacco and the bunching is amazing, smooth and full looking.

I get my social security on the 3rd and I plan to snag a box. Some good flavor cant go wrong went back again for a few more. I told him I wanted to go and got directions. They are as stunning as May West wit! This is one of my favorite cigars. There is not a subtle blend of flavors but rather one trying to out do the other. I asked my mother why he looked like that? After cutting the head the wrapper started to unravel from the top so I put some fruit pectin on it to stop it.

There were no rubbers for sale in prison.

Don Pepin Garcia Series JJ Maduro | Cigar Review

IW of Hoboken, NJ. Good burn, good draw, and always consistent. The smoothest draw ever. Still enjoyable to me, the coffee junkie.

Don Pepin Garcia Serie JJ – Cigars International

I will note that it started decreasing in volume as I smoked the second third but never went away totally. I am currently in negotiations with the BBC to turn my madurl into a mini-series for The stick comes in four sizes: Pepin is the man. As the cigar mellowed out more we reached the band point, and thus the final third.


Wasn’t let down on this one. Very good consistent flavor throughout slowly enjoyed smoke. This guy, James…with the help of the greased guards just happened to have regular migraines and spent one or two times per week in the infirmary being treated for this.

Time to light up. Everything but the window AC unit was off, so maybe that was causing it? This installation and long time garcla of the My Father line is not a disappointment to its recent award winning contemporaries.

The black pepper seemed to be gone and was replaced by a noticeable leather and aged tobacco taste. He only releases 20 count boxes every year. This is one of my favorite cigars. Second five, in order: The cigar finishes out like a dream.

I asked Chip, my best friend, beliclso he wanted to go with me since it was an hour ride into L. And the cigar reminds me I should always have these in stock.

And then we headed outside to smoke a doob. Looking for Cigar Accessories? This site uses cookies. Good to see another review from you, Mike.

Most smokers flock to the My Father line but the early Garcia blends are just as good. I’ve grown to really like this smoke over the blue and black labels.

And then some dark chocolate, black cherry and lime zest. It has a derie blend of flavors. I am getting a nice woody taste along with the pepper and a sweetness that comes and goes every now and again. I have had this experience with quite a few cigars and I find it to be one that I adore!


I get my social security on the 3rd and I plan to snag a box.

Blind Cigar Review: Don Pepin Garcia | Series JJ Maduro Petit Corona

A very toasty element presents itself. It’s quite clear how much effort was yarcia into this puro. They too complain about structural issues.

The draw is perfect. Click here for more articles by Matt and more information. The triple cap is flawless. You are commenting using your WordPress. James convinced Nurse X to try and get a night shift so they could spend more time together without worry of being found out. This batch may need more humidor time. The flavour profile had taken a definitely different turn in the second third. These cigars will pepih one my “go to’s” from now on. Time to light up.

There is also be,icoso mottling on the wrapper. I enjoyed it so much that I had to get more, and this pack fit the bill. This is an incredible cigar for an incredible price if you shop around. Swifty worked in the machine shop and quickly and quietly made a key.