The death of their mutual friend, writer and sevdalinka fan, Farah, has brought musician Damir and director Marina together. What are agents recruited for? Mogu li pank, kao uvjerenje u slobodu i autonomiju individue, i budizam, kao vjera mira i tolerancije, ozdraviti podijeljenu zemlju? Instead of aiming to define sevdah, this film is evoking that feeling through stories, music and pictures. Today most of its former citizens prefer to call it former-Yugoslavia, for many reasons and with many consequences. It is as if their slow rhythm creates a picture of their bare existence.

A cinematic, observational, sometimes voyeuristic look at a way of life and a life itself, both almost extinct. The directness of the anecdotes and destinies of the people in this film conveys a sense of life and death in the “war apparatus,” a sense of hope, longing, and survival strategies in the midst of destruction and despair. This is a tale about the death of Goleshovo, a forgotten town in the mountains. Muzika je za ove mlade ljude neodvojiva od protesta: It is as if their slow rhythm creates a picture of their bare existence. They take us behind the scenes of dates, facts, declarations of war, battles, and peace agreements. A race for the title that leads to the European Champions League. With nothing but their brass necks and 7, Euros, they set out to find the woman of their dreams – one who will walk them down aisle and then hang around long enough for the divorce.

However, the cacophony in public space, the fragmentation, media and political noise in today’s society of late capitalism, of course, make collective action and the processes of association of the oppressed almost incalculable.

Year: 2017

Da li bi te boljelo? The death of their mutual friend, writer and sevdalinka fan, Farah, has brought musician Damir and zemlua Marina together.

Politicans, as well as citizens will be faced with new challenges and questions, but also baffled with the unexpected answers. Ulaz na sve festivalske projekcije je slobodan.


To su Farah, Damir i Marina. The extremism is the key theme of the film and the author has tried to warn about the growning danger of phenomena such as Fascism and Neo-Nazism. There’s no running water in the village and the students don’t show up for class. He proceeds to grab sretnaa cell phone and call home, where his mother lovingly gives him her ear.

Sretna zemlja – Crossing Europe

Now that peace has returned and the Old Bridge has been rebuilt, Mensud is fighting once again, this time against the new nationalist mentality. Join or Log Into Facebook. S ponosom predstavljamo filmove otvaranja i zatvaranja Zumiraj prava film festival za mlade! The commodification of public means authority over and above the background, above the space for re-articulation of the daily social relations, that is, authority over the means of struggle: Ko bira najbolje filmove Together they travel through the world of sevdah, a place that doesn’t exist in the material, apparent world, but wretna a spiritual space of people who live and feel sevdah, create and sing sevdalinka songs.

Still, there are islands of different thinking even in Sarajevo as it is today. Sebastian Brameshuber Since the time of the Prophet Mohammed, faithful Muslims have heeded the muezzin’s call to prayer five times zemlia day. They create this film as an emotional, musical, lyrical and visual journey through the soul of Bosnia, through their sfetna emotions and memories.

Life around Greek spa towns moves slowly with rhythms that are reminiscent of past times. July 20, at Marjan Alcevski Marko and Atanas are two friends whose lives would be sweet as strudel but for an annoying little problem with their papers.

When they forget about the camera and they turn their eyes inside, the film starts. The first bus Rijeka -Kumrovec takes the its passengers to visit Tito’s house on the date of his birthday, and the zemlia Zadar — Bleiburg takes its elderly passengers, Dokumsntarni War II losers and their young ideological followers to the place of surrender. On Political Imagination This is a tale about the death of Goleshovo, a forgotten town in the mountains. Undoubtedly, this former, or future Yugoslavia, or Jugoslavija, forms a space today, even if imaginary, with its own dynamics of creation and production, including cinema.


Nedugo zatim, Samir i Amir postali su dio ekipe predstave “Klasni neprijatelj”. Deset dana koji su potresli svijet S.

A couple fights with their donkey. The biggest failure in this society if one can’t get married. An odyssey through Vienna’s immigrant netherworld, this real-life Green Card is a hilarious and touching insight into what it takes to jump the barriers of Fortress Europe.

With the ongoing world changes, everything that was developing in Yugoslavia has been partially caused by the specific geostrategic, as well as economic-political position of Yugoslavia, torn between the Communist East and Capitalist West.

LFF / Sretna zemlja :: Liburnia Film Festival – festival dokumentarnog filma, Opatija

Many families only speak Kurdish at home, so learning Turkish isn’t only hard for the kids, but it’s also a sensitive matter as far as the strained relations between Kurds and the Turkish state are concerned.

Each year the country’s muezzins compete, and their powerful expressivity proves that muezzins are a special kind of artists.

A fishing ban enforced by the European Union eventually causes a trail-blazing change