I tried using html action event builder and provided the page location as the content pane title but when i click the content pane tab nothing happens but it runs my script when i click inside the container area. The behavior is identical. When the user clicks on the tab which is currently not active , I want it to perform a task that could not be performed until the tab is displayed. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. In that case you should defer the layout until the first onShow call for the widget. Note that the tabs all have a fixed height. Dialog to use Dialog Simple mixin.

Replace all jsId references with data-dojo-id , the behavior is identical. Search – Support for searching the grid by regular expressions as well as wildcard pattern. Uploader is an improvement upon, and replaces the dojox. Richard Richard 3, 7 41 Replace all occurrences of dojoType with data-dojo-type , as the behavior is mostly identical, with the following caveats: Smart Label for Pie – Labels laid automatically without overlapping on each other. Ah, I’m actually using dojo 1. Unanswered question This question has not been answered yet.

Existing behavior has been preserved until 2.

This provides a mechanism to determine if the tab is closable. The workaround is to do: See ticket for the full discussion and change set: This is a plain TabContainer with three tabs and fixed height. I found in the dijit documentation to tabcontianer the “watch ” function http: Tabcontaine are a few things to be aware of though:.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. If a browser is not supported, it still may work, but no effort is taken to test unsupported browsers and any specific fix for an unsupported browser is likely not to be done: Sign up using Email and Password.


NodeList, currently adding a delegate method tabcnotainer NodeList allowing apps to setup a single handler on a root node rather than individual handlers on sub nodes. This is the accepted answer. Replace all jsId references with data-dojo-idthe behavior is identical. Asynchronous module loading is considered experimental and is not officially supported in version 1.

For accessibility reasons the dijit. Can accept a string value of a date to be parsed dooj addition to the previous behavior of only accepting a literal Date object. Printer – Provide convenient tabcontaineer to printing grid. Sorry I don’t have a functioning answer but maybe you will have success using the “watch” function. This is based on discussions on the dojo-dev mailing list: To monitor when a pane is selected and the previous pane is deselectedthe preferred method is to use watch:.

This is only relevant if you are subclassing, for example:. The following browsers are supported.

Smart Label for Pie – Labels laid automatically tabconyainer overlapping on each other. Feed for this topic. Replace all occurrences of dojoType with data-dojo-typeas tabcontainerr behavior is mostly identical, with the following caveats:. I have also found little to nothing on the internet to help in using watch. You can specify a border via a style tag if your application needs one.

Exporter – Support for exporting grid content to various formats.

You can use wathc in your own application and style them as you want, but they also fit perfectly into the dijit. The jsId attribute has been deprecatedand will be unsupported in 2. Sign up using Facebook. When the user clicks on the tab which is currently not activeI want it to perform a task that could not be performed until the tab is displayed. The dojoType attribute has been deprecatedand tabcontaindr be unsupported in 2. In addition to phusick’s answer, which is correct, all StackContainer s, including the TabContainer publish on topics that you can subscribe to.


Please give suggestions on how to solve this problem!!

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Selector – Unified extended selection support for rows, columns and cells. Yeah, I was just looking at StackContainer:: Also, the results of disabling the currently selected pane are undefined. BorderContainer widget now has no predefined border. See it in action at jsFiddle: Startpage Dojo Dijit DojoX. Tabcontziner to catch Content Pane tab click event in dojo tab container builder??

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It looks like I found a solution here: There are a set of tabs corresponding to each pane, where each tab has the title aka label of the pane, and optionally a close button. Craig Swing Craig Swing 7, 2 25 Use data-dojo-event and data-dojo-args respectively. Normally, TabContainer will show the first Tab.

A TabContainer is a container that has multiple panes, but shows only tabcobtainer pane at a time. Replace all dojoAttachEvent attributes with data-dojo-attach-event and all dojoAttachPoint attributes with data-dojo-attach-point.

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I want to tabcontauner an html Event action or simply run some script on click of a particular content pane tab.