Go away from here Anjali, Shashank and Kirti were looking up at him, terrified. During the course of the show, Armaan and Riddhima fall in love, Atul falls in love with Anjali, and Sapna Shah gets married and leaves Sanjeevani. She wiped off her tears and pasted a smile on her face. After Armaan had kicked down the second terrorist, the third aimed his gun at him and started shooting. Season one ended on a cliffhanger showing Riddhima and Armaan getting shot in a shootout right after they get engaged and Abhimanyu’s estranged wife Jiah returns. It was paining him to speak. Nikita falls in love with Dr.

A reporter darted forwards. The terrorists left the rest nine people. Ridhimaa’s face was flushed with anger. Till then Rahul had came back. Ridhimaa turned towards him. It was paining him to speak.

The terrorist slapped him. Nikita turns out to be Armaan’s and Rahul’s college friend. The terrorist shot at Armaan’s right arm.

Dill Mill Gayye season 8 episode 292

Is terrorist attack me se bhi zyada log marr gaye hain He fell down on the floor. Ridhimaa heaved a sigh of relief.

It was paining him to speak. Aap dekh sakte hain But he could not go on. His blood was being replenished.


The other interns followed suit. Armaan closed his eyes for a split-second to indicate he was fine. Kya kar lega tu? They both managed to bring that terrorist down. Armaan aapke friend hain Tumhe kuch nahi hoga Ridhimaa Musalmaan hote hue gair mazhabi ladki se ishq kiya.

Shubhankar bent to check Armaan but he could not find his pulse. Atul Joshi, and Dr. The media persons scanned their cameras over him. Inki saans chal rahi hai The terrorists left the rest nine people. She opened the door and barged inside, ignoring Anjali’s warnings and Atul’s pleas. The other terrorists sprang upon him. The terrorist holding Ridhimaa bent her hand at the back and tried to hold her face.

Armaan took her face in his blood-stained hands. They all came out of the ward. Then he pointed at Muskaan, on whose face, tear tracks were glistening, seeing Rahul in grave danger. Unka diaphragm bhi damage hua hai Armaan kaisa hai papa? Armaan ki condition kaafi stable hai Armaan Mallik ko apni jaan pyari nahi hai. But everyone mistook her tears of guilt for her worry about Armaan.

But a terrorist stopped him. She rubbed off the tears from her face hard.


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Ridhimaa ran up to him. Slowly Armaan opened his eyes. Muskaan was telling Anjali and Kirti how it all had happened.

Three guns aimed at him. Main bol raha hoon There was one bandage on Armaan’s head too where the terrorist had struck with his gun, one gayge his each arm and one covering the major part of his chest. Ye sab ho kaise gaya The terrorist dragged Armaan away from the window.

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