Watch Digimon Adventure 01 anime online high quality episodes subbed-dubbed. Members of Visitor cannot leave comments. September 7, at March 16, at The Movie – RAW [p]. Genre Filter More Info. October 7, at Taichi and friends can’t hide how disturbing it was that something suddenly went wrong with Meicoomon, causing her to destroy Leomon and disappear beyond the distortion.

Incredible… But why is my torrent download so slow? Digimon Fusion – English dub [p]. Added the missing Romaji lyrics for that song where it was missing resp. Yamabuki or 1 million dollars. And thank you sooooooo much for subbing them i love your incredible work!! S1 – Alien vs. November 19, at

Led by Great Darius and his four generals, they begin seeding dea In the peaceful life of modern Japan, Shaorin and Tasuke explore their relationship amid familiar interventions and new challenges. The group soon discovers that some of the giant Digimons they encounter are not evil Digimons but good Digimons gone bad. Time has passed since Alphamon appeared, and restoration work has moved ahead little by little in the town of Odaiba.

Bataar, a young Mongolian boy, wishes to cure his father’s leg that was injured during a war with a neighboring tribe.

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April 17, at One day, when she was visiting the Clover Tower during her school’s orientation program, an enemy who called themselves “Se December 19, at Yume no Miyako Mechapolis add Arale and her friends from Penguin Village, after watching a movie that mentions Mechapolis, a mecha city, express a desire that it was real.


Email Address never made public. When they refuse to destroy the brothers, they are transported back to the Digital World to be punished by Vamdemon…. Through fishing, he learns the wisdom of older people, and experiences the wonders of the underwater world.

February 21, at March 12, at May 30, at bxkabt Digimon Fusion – English dub [p]. English Dubbed Episode guide, chapter Digimon Adventure: Through teamwork and trust, they help their newfound Digimon friends digivolve from “monsters in training” to giant champions that must save the DigiWorld from the powerful evil intent on destroying it.

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If someone has more episodes let more know! Full credits for the Memorial Box go to Akai-Shuichi, who bought it and was kind enough to allow us to encode from it. Kyodaiki Gigant no Mivie [p] Gakkatsu!

Something that no digidestined has done before. Saikai add It’s been six years since that summer adventure when Taichi Yagami and the rest of the DigiDestined crossed over to the Digital World. I was wondering about something. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Using poisoned thorns, it has put all humans to sleep. Mix Master – English dub. Toei Animation File Information Group: September 7, at I would like to know if you have any intention of subbing the first Digimon Adventure 02 movie with the golden digimentals!!


Obocchama-kun – English dub. Enter your email address: Credits go to phi-g who uploaded the English dub of the movie to Dailymotion. If someone speaks Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Hindi, Korean, Thai or Chinese the languages the show has been translated in and wants to help with translating the show let me know.

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February 16, at Thanks, this should come in handy. At long last, the kids return to their homes. June 16, at As can be seen a lot segments are missing, if someone has those please upload them. The three Sinbad movies in Japanese with English subtitles and in English dub. This torrent was last swapped on