I am Loving It. The tape was here! This was a very big deal in Pakistani dramas, okay? Was watching a random video off YouTube where she was explaining how she was all about realistic drama and a natural style of story-telling. In , two friends of mine had come for the vacations. Qazi Wajid plays the role of Zoya’s “Baba” who is very close with her and raised her like a friend. Coincidentally, I had Zoya Khan’s boy-cut all my girlhood days.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Abba’s got a DTH dish which edventurous school kids keep playing with in our absence. In , two friends of mine had come for the vacations. Their dislike turns slowly but inexorably into love. Even the hair styles, yes, even them! Joyful hugs and tearful reminiscences completed, she asked her nephew that all-important question:

The dialogue was juicy with repartee and replete with affectionate sarcasm. But I just discovered your blog, and I’m so happy to find Dhoop Kinarey here! Kept it short and very, very sweet.

Dhoop Kinaray PTV Classic Drama [Complete] Watch Free All TV Programs. Apna TV Zone

Few days back I purchased the original VCD from website www. He vaguely remembers that the professor had adopted him as a child but has no knowledge that his father had a daughter who died young and that she also gave birth to a girl who lives somewhere in the same city. Paromita Vohra is a film-maker and writer.

Why did we love it so much? A Touch of Tabasco.


It’s got MP3s, lyrics, translations and videos. Has anyone ever managed on,ine play a character so universally hateful and psyched?

Later, she meets her old college friend Nasir Jamal Rizwan Wasti and marries him but finds out that he is also married to another woman and has children. Absolutely worth it, since it’s so cheap.

Didnnt expect that I would find someone who openly cherishes PTV’s “golden age” though I am sure everyone concerned misses it Border people never had enough of ‘Dhoop Kinaray’. We still do that in our village in Doda. Baba gifts the house to his watc, whom he never met. Ahmer but he doesn’t consider her more than a good friend.

The tape was here! An exceptional, convincing onlinee very well-told romantic story between a frothy, lovable, beautiful young medical intern Zoya and her much-older, very hot, sullen, no-nonsense, broody, intelligent and totally awesome boss, a pediatrician of some note Dr Ahmer. I never had the opportunity to watch this amazing serial during my growing up days.

Heat and lust

Like everyone else, she likes food, animals, books, movies, music and whatnot. I was in school when this first came out, and had already been given a scene-by-scene account of it, not to mention all the key dialogues, long before I got to see it.

Dr Zoya Ali Khan Marina Khan is a cheerful young doctor who brings joy to the mundane life at the hospital and in the life of Ahmer. However, soon Dr Ahmer finds out who Zoya really is and refuses to talk kinarayy her.


By day we lay low, sleeping, eating mangoes, reading romance novels and murder mysteries we had lugged from New Delhi—Gandhidham had neither library nor book store. She wants to get close to Dr.

Dhoop Kinaray – PTV Classic Drama – Part 1/8 – video dailymotion

Ahmer Ansari’s foster father. I read somewhere that PTV dramas were kinarsy big in Punjab as well. We called the library and demanded to be told: It just pulls back in time – amazing work done by all the artistes.

A phone call that her father attends gives her the much-needed cheer for the day when the person on the other end explains that she just inherited a house that belonged to her grandfather. We reformed our lazy ways, bathing and eating on time, the sooner to assemble before the TV for the next fix of episodes.

Also known as the Princess Diana cut. And if it was not, you could always go to the the rooftop and do the kinraay antenna dance while singing ‘aya kya, ab aya kya, ab. The tape was with a family called Verma.