At the end of the street she turned her head and waved her hand to him as he stood by the gate in the failing darkness. And so they were loved for themselves. So she decided to let her shapely dresses out of the old trunk. And the blue eyes flared with the dreaded, hateful light. But she continued to write because it made her forget once in a while how drab her life was. But she hated her body — hated that gift which Nature, in a fit of remorse for the wrong done to her face, had given her. There was not even the flicker of an eyelash to betray him.

When they stopped before the door of her house, he got out to open the door for her. It would be easy to identify this woman as a victim since “men look at her with unbeautiful light in their eyesmarried eyes, single eyes”. How ironic that even after eighty-nine years, this story is still happening, more now than the s. Summary of sunset by paz latorena? At their next meeting she wore a pale rose Filipino dress that softened the brown of her skin. So they were not only lovely but happy days as well. She gazed at the figure feeling something vague and incomprehensible stirring within her. Then he woke up from the spell and, as if ashamed of the outburst of confidence, added irrelevantly:

And so they were loved for themselves. Pwz told her of his love of the sea, for the waves that dashed against the rocks in impotent fury, how he could spend his life on the water, sailing on and on, to unknown and uncharted seas. He complimented her beauty on the first night that he saw her hidden beauty and since he quickly changed the course of conversation, she started contemplate that “she had found a man to whom her body mattered little if anything at all.

Desire (1928) by Paz Latorena: Her body’s a wonderland

He would tell her about it tonight and she hoped there would be rain to remind him of the night she had come to him.

Here is the salary you forgot to ask for in your hurry to leave,” opening a beaded handbag and drawing out two ten-peso bills ltaorena a small card.

But she could talk rather well. Yet it provides the readers with an impact. He closed his eyes and saw her again in the frail and haunting loveliness that had been hers in the flickering candlelight.


She couldn’t forgive people who hurt her feelings. Glad that she had succeeded in extinguishing that unbeautiful light in the eyes of men when they looked at her.

She accomplished the desired result. Then, as suddenly as it had come, the rain stopped. He asked her to come out with him again. A sense of the enormous wrong he had done her troubled him, also an intangible responsibility and a vague to atone. He thinks to himself that he will forgive her because he loves her but that even if she did it out of love for him, it will always remain a matter of some resentment toward her for doing it.

The story was plain and simple; the words used by the author were easily understood by the reader.

Desire by Paz Latorena, analysis and reaction.

Men looked at her face and turned their eyes away; they looked at her body and were enslaved. It would please the aesthete in him perhaps, but it certainly would not matter much to the man. I think that it’s also helpful that more and more women embrace themselves for who they are regardless of their color, shape or sizes because these women create a venue for self acceptance.

No, he thought that those were superfluous effusions of a woman belonging to a race of people who could not think of writing about anything pa love.

She hated her body because it made men look at her with an unbeautiful light in their eyes — married eyes, single eyes. It would be easy to identify this woman as a victim since “men look at her with unbeautiful light in their eyesmarried laatorena, single eyes”. She had dropped on one side, and one of her arms pillowed her head while the other was carelessly thrown across her breast.

Summary of “Desire” by Paz Latorena

The short story, Desire by Paz Latorena is about a woman who longed to be loved and valued for who she is, not for what she have or could give. She did not feel the need to latroena her body anymore and so she chose to continue showing her figure through another shapely dress when they met again.

The life story of Paz Latorena states that she as a poet, teacher,editor, and author. They were like those of the people of his race. He sat on the stool once more and resumed his work. All she needed was to make a choice. Latoreena turned slightly red.


Desire by Abigail Labradores on Prezi

He stood up and made his way to the corner to wake her up. Despite her attempts to not think about the contents of the small trunk, Soledad opens it. The small eyes that slanted at the corners were almost beautiful with a tender, soft light as she turned them on hi. It is about a woman named Soledad who is married to a man named Pedro Buhay.

He helped her inside the car but olot not start it at once. The wind continued the havoc without, and in all the world there seemed to be no other sound but the drip, drip on the roof. There was his stool in the middle of the small shop, directly under the red lamp, and there was a small latogena in a corner by the small tightly closed window.

Who are the characters of desire by paz latorena? The white man still sees the Filipina as exotic. He liked her for herself.

Most women are still equate their value through the eyes of a man. A very broad forehead gave her face an unpleasant, masculine look. It is also about thetraditions when plpt comes to marriage. Somehow nothing had been said about marriage since the night he had forbidden her to go back to the house of her former senorita. There was a plog of regret in the eyes she turned on him. They visited a little our of the way nipa chapel by the roadside where a naked Man, nailed to the Cross, looked at them with eyes which held all the tragedy and sorrow of the world — for the sins of sinning men.

But after a time they became accustomed to the disfiguring dresses and concluded she had become fate desjre shapeless. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment ddesire But the younger brother, coming home only that night, had been nasty in his drunkenness.