The battle starts with Genghis Khan, who is mounted on horseback, and 4 of his Mongol soldiers out walking on a hillside. He soon finds the enemy sniper and his spotter on a ledge, and a patrolling soldier further down. He then tries to strike at the last Mongol’s legs, but the Mongol jumps back and slashes his leg. The Centurion tries to take advantage and swing at the Rajput, but the Rajput rolls out of the way and causes the Dolabra to get stuck in the log. Meanwhile, the Waffen SS leader kills one of the two remaining Viet Cong members with his Mauser pistol and then makes his way across a small bridge over the river. Her armour absorbs the blow from his blade and is dented, but it protects her as she backs down a few steps. He motions for Pol Pot to come in, but is soon attacked by Saddam, who stabs his combat knife through the front of his chest.

As one of them tries to cross, he trips a wire and activates the POMZ-2 mine which kills him. He walks up to him, measuring him up, and then gives a war cry while drawing his saber. He sets himself up with his remaining strength and looks under the car, where a bomb is situated. The Waffen SS leader examines the still-burning corpse, and then yells “Deutschland! Both revolutionaries pull out their Colt Bisleys and fire, shooting one of the natives as he rises from cover and draws his revolver. The Samurai begins to savagely hit the shield with his kanabo, and manages to chip off a portion of the shield, injuring the Viking’s arm.

Meanwhile, the Green Beret approaches from another part of the city and enters from a different gate. The Villistas cautiously wait for Crazy Horse to make his move, with one of them shooting into the grass with his Bisley. He gets up and spins around the Sagaris, piercing the Celt’s arm. He nods in satisfaction and turns around, only to find himself staring down the barrel of another Spetsnaz’s Saiga shotgun.

Reloading, the third Norman takes out the crossbow knight who was with Joan with a fatal shot to the eye. He quickly sets up the detonator and epiosde hides in the back and waits for the Israeli Commandos. The chain wraps around and trips the Spartan, sending him to the floor. The Persian Immortal yells in pain and swings, forcing the Celt to pull out his Lancea. Believing that the room is empty, he slowly starts sv enter with the Spetsnaz leader following behind.


The two exit the building, deciding on which building to enter next. The Samurai attempts to dodge them, but he is struck by wrarior and thrown to the ground.

His job finished, the CIA agent exits the car, wiping his bloodied hands with a towel and adjusting his scarf as he walks away. Joan of Arc finishes a prayer to God and resumes her siege on William’s castle, assisted by four French knights while William the Conqueror defends with four Norman soldiers.

The real general then jumps down, disarming Vlad from his shield using the Zhua. Shaka throws his iwisa at Wallace, who blocks it with his targe, and then pulls out another. The seaso falls over and Vlad goes to investigate, only to find that he shot a decoy. He forces the E-Tool up to the Green Beret leader’s neck, and the two get into a final struggle.

The Korean leader tries to choke him from behind, but the Ranger leader flips him over his shoulder. Both sides continue to fire on each other until all three Koreans fall back into the facility. An unknown amount of time passes as seen by clouds moving overhead. Eventually, one of Lawrence’s men is taken wztec the gunfire as the Vickers gun suddenly jams.

Before he could react, the yakuza takes his stem gun and wastes him with a barrage to the chest. While the Mongol is stunned, the Comanche grabs his War Hawk and buries it into the neck of the Mongol. The Samurai gets wqrrior and readies himself and his Katana. A hailstorm of bullets ensues as both factions open fire on each other, with a Capone flunky taking out one of Jesse’s men out with a Tommy gun.

It cuts into the Samurai’s stomach and leaves him frozen in place.

Deadliest Warrior – Season 2, Episode 4: Aztec Jaguar vs. Zande Warrior –

The Musketeer hears a yell and turns around, only to find the head Ming Warrior standing on a cliff above him and also armed with a Dao, swinging it wildly. He thrusts it at the Celt twice, but misses. The Samurai manages to get up and pulls out his katana. William orders his men to load and fire the torsion catapult which rains down a rock and crushes one of the French knights.


The Samurai flips the Viking over and readies another stab to his heart, but sees that his opponent is dead. Both sides then scramble for their cannons.

Deadliest Warrior S02e04 – Aztec Jaguar Vs. Zande Warrior

However, he is shot off his horse by the last Russian soldier, who then finishes him off with a strike to the midsection with his Bardiche while he is still down. The Aztec Jaguar removes his helmet, picks up his Maquahuitl and begins chasing the Zande Warrior, who is now back on his feet.

After a few misses, the Celt aims at the Immortal’s thigh and stabs it. One jiggles the door knob to ensure that it is unlocked, and the two open the door to charge in. The collision throws the Celt off of his chariot and flips the chariot over. The Samurai, undeterred, grabs the Spartan’s Spear and flips over the Spartan, causing him to release the Spear.

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Plated mailFluted helmet. The Rajput pulls out his Aara sword and whips it around. Across the street, CIA warripr the careless agent exiting his car and leaves the safety of his van. The Rajput then swings his sword and cuts the head of the Dolabra off from the handle. Alexander discards the shield as Attila draws the Sword of Mars.

Behind them, another Bedouin charges over the hill, but is shot down as one of the riflemen mounts the Gatling, shooting jaugar before he even comes within range. The two struggle to gain control of the bayonet and the I. The Zande Warrior pumps his fists into the air, yelling in victory.

The Waffen SS leader then finds his team’s Kubelwagen and runs to it, finding a Flammenwerfer 41 flamethrower in the back. Lock n’ Load With R. The rifleman tries to hit Lawrence with the stock of the rifle, but Lawrence ducks and counters deadliesg a slash to the Rider’s shoulder, knocking off his hat.

He drives the Spear harder through the leather armor and forces the Celt to the floor.