Mabuse who is in an insane asylum where he is found frantically writing his crime plans. Whilst Lang accurately predicted the sweeping wave of right wing extremism in Germany, his true genius may be his apparent comment that this wave may not be the last. Many members of the cast and crew had worked with Lang on his earlier films. A clue scratched in a glass window pane at Hofmeister’s crime scene causes Lohmann to suspect Mabuse. It was Lang’s second sound film for Nero-Film and was his final collaboration with his wife and screenwriter Thea von Harbou. Mabuse in the United States. Modern reception of the film is favorable with critics, while the film has influenced filmmakers including Claude Chabrol and Artur Brauner.

Mabuse premiered on April 21, , in Budapest, Hungary with a playing time of minutes. During the same night, a hidden figure confers with sections of his organisation, preparing various crimes such as an attack on a chemical plant, robbing a bank, counterfeiting, poisoning water and destroying harvests. Mabuse films as the reason he went into the film industry, noting that he left his parents out in the middle of the night and returned after seeing what he described as “the most exciting film I’ve ever seen”. Producer Artur Brauner cited the Dr. After a shootout, Hardy commits suicide while the other gangsters surrender. Hans Erdmann created the opening theme and the music played during Professor Baum’s madness. The final scene shows the insane Baum in the cell, tearing Mabuse’s writings to shreds.

After the film’s initial release, producer Seymour Nebenzal used scenes from the car chase in The Testament of Dr. Foreign Mystery Thriller Crime Horror.


Mabuse as he did in Dr. Mabuse Blu-ray Review Reviewed by Dr. This version deletes parts from the romantic sub-plot between Lilli and Kent.

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Couple this with the very unusual industrial sounds that pop up here and there, the long dss shadows, and the nagging feeling that something very bad is about to happen, and you have a very surreal and at the same time chillingly realistic film.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mabuse Blu-ray release, see Das Testament des Dr. Mabuse Blu-ray, Video Quality. Mabuse so fascinating to behold is the fact that it is a very odd film, full of surprises. The tdstament of Mabuse speaks about an “unlimited reign of crime” and merges with the Professor’s silhouette.

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The Testament Of Dr. Mabuse Blu-ray, Audio Quality. Into the Spider-Verse 4K. Mabuse is a German crime film directed by Fritz Lang.

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Producer Seymour Nebenzal felt that creating this alternative version would enhance international sales for The Testament of Dr. Banned in Lang’s testamsnt land by Joseph Goebbels because the film ‘proves that a group of men who are determined to the last However, familiarity with the first film and its story isn’t required to enjoy the second film.


The only supplemental feature on the disc is an audio commentary by film scholar David Kalat. Retrieved November 8, Elisabeth und der Narr Hanneles Himmelfahrt.

The explosion was triggered by Lang himself. But a frustrated criminal Gustav Cinemx and active member of Mabuse’s organization trying to protect his girlfriend offers to assist Lohmann. Goebbels’ diary makes no mention of dg a meeting and Lang’s passport also shows that he did not leave until June and made repeated trips between France and Germany throughout Jacques’ contributions are not mentioned in the film.

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When Lohmann disparagingly talks about “Mabuse the criminal”, Baum emphatically speaks about “Mabuse the genius”. The German version of The Testament of Dr. These explosion scenes were the first scenes of the film to be filmed before returning to the studio to film the rest of the film.

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Mabuse The Gambler stating that it is “less stylized but no less entertaining”. Best Blu-ray Movie Deals.

Mabuse the Gambler in Mabuse as his primary inspiration to become a filmmaker. Meanwhile, the police are besieging a flat where several gangsters, including Hardy and Bredow, are staying. Film critic Dave Dxs wrote the German print is “the definite version”.