Talk Contributions Create account Log in. Spent some enigmas to do vaults. This is where I messed up, doing the challenge rift on Monday, prior to the patch. Still, hardly anyone uses that combo. Depending on how much of the content you want to enjoy, for those who are planning to go through the campaign in NS and enjoy the gear they drop I suggest a few things:. Season 16 being prepped. Curse Help Register Sign In. What about your first build when you get to level 70?

It can get to level 55 with a single T6 vault run. It may be a noticeable boost if you’re very low paragon. Pos 1 view ladder. Because now, I have a daughter, and the work, and wife I’m just going to have my friend who doesn’t want to buy the necro plvl me to Item stats Some special legendary affixes are still being fined tuned into points All DPS related affixes like ‘Increases Attack Speed’ are already part of the final DPS figure so not counted again for weapons.

Heroes [ 4, ] Clans[ 83, ] Online[ 52 ].

Still looking for bett After over a decade of bringing you the latest Diablo news and builds, DiabloFans will be shutting down on March 21st, The XP required to hit level 48 from level 1 though iswhich is almost double the amount of gold given.


Don’t wear Leoric’s Crown, just cube it.

Custerian Wristguards – Diablo Wiki

This is where I messed up, doing the challenge rift on Monday, prior to the patch. At least you will be able to jump to T10 and farm the necro sets or burn all the mats in the cube to get the sets. Now, this is where I don’t understand the math. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Anyone done some numbercrunching? Also gonna use Goldwrap and see how high I can get my toughness.

After 70, I plan on either make a LoN build with ancients from other sets or use the cube upgrade rares to get necro gear. Custerian Wristguards is a legendary bracers that can be found in Diablo 3 and Reaper of Souls. Page Discussion Edit Edit source History. View more samples of the Custerian Wristguards via DiabloNut’s armory. Diablo 3 Season 16 starts January Don’t use an ancient weapon with GoE until higher levels and only if you don’t drop a decent weapon.

The bracers are also a level 34 drop, so should they drop immediately at level 34, it should only take you to level 34, whereas if it holds up with these new numbers, you’re looking at level 50 instantaneously.

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Custerian Wristguards

Forgot your username or password? Probably wouldn’t be worth the DPS drop. Season 14 being wrlstguards. They completely changed t Keep me logged in on this device.

Mass layoffs hit Blizzard. Data from season 15 is cu Each rift should take 3 minutes or less.

Season 15 being populated. Log In Sign Up. Retrieved from ” https: Terms of use and privacy.

Era 11 is currently being populated also. I just want to test the class to help me choosing next season init char, so I still looking for a fresh 70 LoN speed farm build Themed Item Sets Torment-only.

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A level 25 GoE takes about minutes to make. Class-Designed Item Sets Torment-only. So, you get 4.