Sorry sir, yesterday I was flooded [the audience laugh]. Hence, this sentence violated maxim of manner. If the speaker talks too short d. Terimakasih saya Dodit Mulyanto. Yeah, she had a minibar built in front of the home, roofed with a tarp Therefore, Matt Reeves re-direct the Planet of The Apes trilogy into a cover that is expected to have a good performance. The people surround him turn into friendly.

Chu who turn on this Step Up franchise oversees the continuity of this latest Step Up film as a producer. Therefore, Matt Reeves re-direct the Planet of The Apes trilogy into a cover that is expected to have a good performance. Itu bukan salah saya soalnya saya memang lahir di desa, jangankan saya, biola aja kalau kelamaan di desa itu medok [Penonton tertawa]. Ini Budi, ini Wati. Just you yourself, this sentence should not be said, because the stanza of the song is only: Translation Usually, the students cheat by using a code, for example:

The context is that Dodit give bwbe evidence that the violin would be changed if stay in Javanese village for a long time. Third Sentence Saya itu dilahirkan istimewa, saya dilahirkan secara otodidak, [Penonton tertawa] saya lahir bidannya baru datang, jadi saya bae sendiri [Penonton tertawa]. Analysis This sentence contains the maxim of quality violation. Hence, the fewest violation occurred on the maxim of manner which only occurred two times.

Translation Kartini has an aristocratic title, there are plenty of Javanese nobility titles for Javanese women. Of course, his statement is not acceptable and not in accordance with the audience thought. Third Sentence Rakyat golput bukan solusi, jangan lupa anda harus menunjukan jari kelingking yang terkena noda tinta [penonton tepuk tangan] servis printer [Penonton tertawa] P. Analysis This last finding was on maxim of quality violation, it can be proofed with the finding of the facts from Dodit s statement that cannot be believed by the audience and those things would never happen in the real life, those sentences are: Type of the Research B.

Analysis This sentence has violated maxim of quantity, it is proved by the last sentence which is not important, and not the information. War For the Planet of The Apes is still a film that is directed and made well. Saya nggak bawa biola soalnya saya salah tidur, buat noleh aja susah. This utterance violated maxim of Quality, because he said something that he believe to be false. Therefore, this sentence violated maxim of.



It is proved with the sentence: Makanya sama guru saya tu saya dikasih tahu, Dodit, kalo kamu mau pinter bahasa Inggris, kamu harus ngobrol dirumah dengan orang tuamu menggunakan bahasa Inggris, masak bapak ibu saya disawah saya harus ngobrol pake bahasa inggris? Since the emergence of Stand-up Comedy in Indonesia, Stand up Comedy lovers took part by establishing a community of Stand-up Comedy lovers called Stand up indo.

Dodit is the finalist of SUCI 4 who has the biggest number of twitter followers and youtube viewers. Audition No theme and genre, the participants of audition are free to express their stand up comedy skill First Sentence: Kalo tiada enter night enter night boleh saja kalo ada exit light P.

In the terms of usage, there are various themes are used according to the specified theme. Itu namanya nada tuk, untuk mengetuk hatimu. Translation Besides, now I often interact with many people.

At the end of the research she revealed that all kinds of Grice s maxim are flouted and the most often is maxim of quantity which is flouted twelve times. Of course, a sad feeling should be represented with a sad or a love song. This research aims to answer the following questions: In these utterances, B s answer is constructed by clear syntax and the message that is conveyed does not make ambiguous.

Itu bukan salah saya soalnya saya memang lahir di desa, jangankan saya, biola aja kalau kelamaan di desa itu medok [Penonton tertawa]. Although the definitions and points of view on the humor-laughter relationship may vary, the researchers usually agree on the fact that one function of humor is to cause amusement, which is also closely associated with the genre of situational comedy.

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The comedies that rely on speech. Iwel Wel Since Iwel had been paying attention to the world of stand up comedy. This means pragmatics has relation with grammar because what comedh will say must grammatically correct.


Playing Kartini song you are waiting for humor? Cokedy 6 Koalisi Partai Selamat malam sanak family [Penonton tertawa]. Seven Comics of standupindo like: Analysis In this case, Dodit tried to suggest the audience to involve in the general election and don t do abstention by showing his little finger that stained with the ink -the symbol that the person has already elected-,the audiences understand that Dodit call the people.

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The data presented sequentially according to its edition, from audition until the last show 13rd showeach analysis completed with the translation in English, then finished with the analysis in each sentence. The context is that Dodit still talking about the woman who changed his life -in this case a beggar. Judging from the language variations, the humor in Stand Up Comedy can be viewed from the speakers, the usage, the formality, and the facilities.

Makannya kita harus memasyarakatkan panahan dan memanah masyarakat. When speakers violate any of the maxims lead the addressee or hearer to make what Grice calls implicature. The audiences have known that Mas Ancha was the name of the maid in Malam Minggu Miko, but in the first of the sentence, Dodit wants to show his superiority: Saya pengen membonceng dia, saya kan naik motor ayo bu saya bonceng mbonceng naik motor saya.

Extravaganza for example, the humor here generated through the plot.

The general election has called us no additional word. Therefore, the unit of analysis in this research was Dodit s utterances in Stand Up Comedy Indonesia season maetri. Meanwhile, my research focused on maxims violation done by the comics in Stand Up Comedy Indonesia in which, the comics are the single speaker.

This is evidenced by the sentence:. Kentongan itu secara utilitas penonton: