Alex Thurman and Yumi Here the episode 22 with english sub, Enjoy. Jeremie can’t bring the others back or even send William to help because of the damage to the scanners. Odd races to the activated tower with the spectre in hot pursuit. Aelita and Ulrich go to deactivate the tower, but when they reach it, Aelita is unable to enter. Meanwhile Aelita resorts to social networking to try to find her mother. Plus, not content with fighting unexpected specters at the school, our heroes are confronted with false avatars of themselves on Lyoko.

Mutiny ” ” Unknown “. A takes control of the school’s electricity supply. Jeremie suddenly alerts a saddened Aelita that a tower is activated in the Desert Region, and goes to deactivate it before Yumi, Ulrich, Odd and William engage in battle with the three duplicates of the boy. This time, it has taken control of little Milly’s Tyron goes to the school and proves himself to be the legal guardian of Aelita: Another tower is activated and Ulrich and Aelita are shut in a closet under Odd’s protection while William and Yumi are sent to Lyoko. Just before hanging up, Tyron shows her the holographic images of Odd, Ulrich, Aelita, Yumi and William’s virtual avatars, asking them who they are. They must wait twelve hours to be virtualized again, return to the Cortex and finish their mission.

If he turns his supercomputer on and recreates the Cortex, the virus will activate and destroy his system in full. She accesses the mainframe and finds a webcam stream of Tyron working in his lab at that very moment.

Laura agrees to keep the factory a secret and to help them out with programming to destroy XANA once and for all when they need her. Perhaps Anthea is trying to contact them to wish her daughter a happy birthday.


Laura forgets everything, but thanks to a few hidden commands in the virus, the code for the return to the past was altered to exclude Laura, causing Laura to start having xanq flashbacks of her time in the lab.

A tower is activated and a spectre is sent after Odd, epiaode the appearance of a football player. Aelita is determined to discover if her father really is involved in XANA’s miraculous and mysterious return. Our heroes get out of it just in time and turn their own supercomputer off, an act that merely renders XANA dormant once again as opposed to being utterly annihilated.

Qui troverete tutti gli episodi di “Code Lyoko Evolution”: Ultimate Mission ” ” Unknown “. Despite this, the Lyoko Warriors have only won part of the battle.

Code lyoko evolution episode 5 english dub

Aelita shows up in the Skid and destroys all the monsters. Aelita opts to stay in the Cortex’s core to wait for her mother to appear, asking for a clone to replace her at the school while she’s gone, which causes enough problems of its own.

Svolution opts out of the mission because he has a karate competition to attend, and Jim won’t let him skip it. William who was left on Earth tries to stall her, but fails, and Laura ends up back at the lab.

She denies it, but Aelita comes in and tells her that Tyron found the Supercomputer, and that she must come immediately. Einstein ” ” Unknown “.

Jeremie and Laura finish the virus and the group plans to implement it that afternoon, but Odd gets detention and Ulrich sprains his ankle, forcing both of them to opt out.

She easily fixes the problem and they launch the virus and a return to the past.


Aelita and Xanq go to deactivate the tower, but when they reach it, Aelita is unable to enter. I do not own this. Code lyoko evolution episode 14 -Intrusion Eng captions ThePrince 5 years ago. But when they arrive on site, they find the tower has a purple halo.

Meanwhile William has another argument with Ulrich. In it they find a video clip of Professor Tyron addressing several humans dressed in ninja-like costumes. Just as he does so, the superscan finds an activated tower on the Cortex.

William ends up fpisode left alone to fend off the Ninja, which is heading for the Core of Lyoko itself. Retrieved from ” https: Jeremie then notices that XANA had used the tower as a diversion to attack the Skid with a virus while they weren’t looking. Aelita, however, is still resentful and distrustful of Laura and launches a return to the past so that she will not remember anything. After locating Ulrich and coordinating with Odd, Odd is sent to provide William and Aelita with backup while Ulrich locates and escorts Yumi to the factory.

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Things take a turn when Aelita is devirtualized. Ulrich and Odd go into the Englizh Sea to track down the hub that sent the packet. Chaos at Kadic ” ” Unknown “. Odd enters the Desert Way Tower and Jeremie uploads the codes they stole from the spectre into him. Towers are being activated and deactivated constantly.