I liked season 1. Carlos Campanile as Danzou Shimura. Benjamin Stolz as Mikoshi Shuu eps Suzaku refuses and is shot while Lelouch flees with the girl. Mecha-Naruto Rises in Naruto: Ashley Johnson as Shiseru eps

Sayoko Shinozaki , having been posing as Lelouch at school, filled his schedule with dates. Nicolas Dubois as Kimimaro 1er voix. The Japan Liberation Force, a Japanese resistance group, takes a hotel and its occupants hostage, including Lelouch’s friends and a disguised Euphemia. Tomohiro Tsuboi as Izumo Kamitsuki. Fumiya Yazaki as Ginkaku Kanabun ep Thiago Keplemaier as Rock Lee. December 10—16 Dec 21, Mecha-Naruto Rises in Naruto:

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Nobuaki Fukuda as Chouza Akimichi. There are bytes of void data. Ronald Beurms as Hanzo de la Salamandre.

Adrian Epiosde as Nurari. This Summer May 9, October Oct 12, Its current title is a literal translation by IGN. Hayato Date eps Osamu Kobayashi eps Retrieved January 26, Luciana Milano as Fuu. Jussara Marques as TenTen. Alessandro Alioto as Civil Servant.


Nisekoi Second Season

Yosuke Aoki TV Tokyo. Have you seen this?

Realizing the Eunuchs are not interested in saving Tianzi, Li Xingke rebels. Daisuke Nakamura as Kegon.

The Lancelot defeats the rebel group while Animepremihm holds Clovis at gunpoint and orders him to withdraw his army. September October 2 Oct 2, Viewster Adds Naruto Shippuden Feb 12, Hirofumi Suzuki ep Katsuhiko Kawamoto as Deidara.

Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch –

Milly Ashfordbelieving Arthur has something that embarrasses Lelouch, has the whole school pursue the cat with a bounty. Kallen suspects Lelouch’s involvement in the previous battle, but is fooled when Geaes prepares a pre-recorded phone call. Yasuyuki Kase as Kankurou.

Kazuyuki Okitsu as Bounty station manager ep 77 Root ninja ep To be honest, its just a disappointing filler. Meanwhile, Charles has become immortal after killing and gaining V.

He mounts a rescue operation with Ohgi’s resistance cell, and as he speaks with the hostage takers, Suzaku sinks animepreimum floating hotel using the Lancelot.


He returns to Ashford Academy and finds Anya and Gino enrolled as students. Kaoru Katakai as Yakiniku Q proprietress ep Lelouch of the Rebellion” series information” in Japanese.

Naruto Filler to End Dec 4, Joey Cordevin as Tsunade. Mario Scarabelli as Terzo Hokage.

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Lelouch directs the Black Knights to counterattack against the Britannian army and reconciles with Kallen Stadtfeld.

Jose Amado Santiago as Ebisu. Danielle Nicolet as Karui. Eldrin Flores as Kisame Hoshigaki. Fred Tatasciore as Gato flashback; ep Kakuzu.

Viz Media Licensed By. Katherine Masilungan as Anko Hinata. We call znimepremium on ten of these overpowered anime characters.