It seems that Nunnally had heard that there was another charm that granted wishes. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. An inauguration ceremony of Clovis’ memorial art museum is held, with Euphemia judging the art works. Four volumes were released containing the first seventeen episodes and three parts contained the whole series. Ohgi, Villetta, Euphemia, and Kallen all make their separate ways to the event and a series of close encounters risks the revealing of their hidden identities. Archived from the original on March 9, Mao returns to kidnap Nunnally and holds her hostage in the Ashford Academy sewers. The students attend an assembly where Charles zi Britannia , the emperor and Lelouch’s father, delivers a speech during Prince Clovis’ funeral.

Cecile tries to respond with a welcome home, but Lloyd cuts her off so that he can say it first. April 24, [7]. Lelouch reminisces about his last meeting with his father; shortly after his mother’s death, Lelouch questions Charles about it and is exiled to Japan along with his sister Nunnally vi Britannia. He gets her flustered by saying that she really likes research, but that is because she initially misinterprets his phrase to mean that she really likes him. Rolo thinks back to how he first met Lelouch. Jeremiah reveals his biggest regrets in life were his failure to prevent Marianne’s death, and later the supposed deaths of Lelouch and Nunnally. June 22, [].

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Lelouch secretly retrieves the mask and Suzaku’s heroic save allows some of the students to accept him. The students attend an assembly where Charles zi Britanniathe emperor and Lelouch’s father, delivers a speech during Prince Clovis’ funeral. Lelouch’s narration is set after Turn 7, while the flashback itself takes place in the first season.

Lelouch is reunited with the green haired girl who introduces herself as C. Meanwhile, Euphemia returns after picturre meeting with Zero and the media cuts all broadcasts. Lelouch accepts and infiltrates a soldier’s Knightmare while giving orders to the Saitama rebels; the rebels disobey Lelouch’s orders and are defeated.


Lelouch has a stge about Ashford’s Handmade Dress Party.

Darlton responds by calling Guilford stiff, which reminds Guilford to point out that Darlton hiding a gun in his swimsuit is unreasonable. Retrieved December 15, Retrieved December 29, Suzaku then says taidaima like he thinks she wants him to, but Cecile instructs him to say it louder and with more feeling, so he says it again. Rivalz made a school festival gdass Lelouch’s birthday, December 5.

While Kallen watches on, Suzaku shoots Lelouch’s mask revealing his identity to the two of them. Season 0 Episode 10 – Picture Drama drqma Stage Suzaku, Gino, and Anya find a little girl among the rubble in the latest area they’ve helped to conquer. Archived from the original on December 17, Feel free to leave any suggestions, criticisms, or requests in the ask box.

Lelouch is saved when C. However, if you really have an issue or concern, don’t hesitate to let me know and I will get to it right away.

Lelouch of the Rebellion” series information” in Japanese. Empress Tianzi hosts a pajama party together with Kaguya, C. Safe on a rooftop away from the scene, Lelouch reaffirms his contract with her, picutre not to fall victim to his power as Mao did.

Diethard Reid suggests assassinating Suzaku, but Lelouch has other plans for him. It almost succeeds, but Schneizel el Britannia appears and orders his floating battleship, the Avalonto bombard the island, intending to sacrifice Suzaku in order to kill Zero.

If in doubt, do not use. May 11, [36]. When he realizes Lelouch was lying codf Nunnally to comfort her, he apologizes and leaves in embarrassment.

The production of Code Geass: August 24, []. Lelouch and friends are at a beach resort where Cornelia is delivering a speech.

Beez’s DVD box collection was released on March 21, February 22, [10]. Disclaimer – This is a news site. Lelouch monologues on his dissatisfaction with Britannia’s rule and the need to hide his and Nunnally’s connection to the Britannian throne.


Euphemia has Suzaku guide her around Japan including the war-torn city of Shinjuku ; there, the two intervene with the pure-blood faction’s murder attempt on Jeremiah for stagw betrayal.

Lelouch has his Knights follow her in the hope of capturing her alive so he can question her about his mother’s death. September 21, [89]. As he works on his bike, Rivalz finds out that Suzaku got to know Lelouch a long time ago when Lelouch visited for a summer.

During her speech, Lelouch monologues on training Nunnally to become emperor. Truth Behind the Mask Recap of the previous episodes. As the Britannian forces close in on the Front’s headquarters, Kallen utilizes her new Knightmare Frame, the Guren Mk-IIto cause a massive landslide that takes out much of the Britannian forces. Jeremiah reveals his biggest regrets in life were his failure to prevent Marianne’s death, and later the supposed deaths of Lelouch and Nunnally.

Retrieved from ” https: Season 0 Episode 16 – Picture Drama – Turn 9.

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Euphemia fights off the Geass and has a last talk with Suzaku before dying; while Suzaku mourns over her death, V. Code Geass episode gsass. Archived from the original on March 9, Sayoko interrupts their conversation in order to teach Nunnally how to perform Japanese curses.

December 21, []. Nunnally had been so happy with this that she said she loved Euphemia and kissed her on the cheek, and the three of them had slept soundly that night together. February 20, []. Suzaku attacks Lelouch forcing him to eject and crash-lands near Shirley.