Applications for active membership shall be submitted to the C. The title of honorary member or president can be granted by the Board of Directors to any person deemed to have rendered signal services to the Association. Category B active membership status can be granted to art houses that do not yet belong to a national association or federation, provided they meet qualifying conditions, independent art cinemas as well as film archives located in countries where such associations do not exist. Fares, Regulations and Rights of Users www. Its annual Assembly is held in Cannes. Category A active membership status can be granted to art houses national federations or associations formed as non-profit bodies, where members resources are not mainly made up of government subsidies. Ccc – centre culturel The Arthouse Cinema Sector – a million-strong audience in Europe:

There are many more indeed and the list below is just for information on some places. Several federations or associations from the country may be admitted, barring exceptions, provided there is only minimal overlap between their respective memberships. International Confederation of Art Cinemas. In the case of France, we recognize those higher education institutions that are established or approved by national government authority. Travelling in a chauffeured2cv! Active members, category D:

Those who are nationals of either the 15 older European Union. Discover Lans en Vercors, an easy climb in Vercors always as attractive. For the past 12 years arthouse professionals have been fgreve in Venice to learn more and exchange experiences on art films, cinema, and their national and international networks. Choose for your higher education Millions have.


CICAE is a network of networks and a bridge between festivals and theatres.

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Call the hotel, 24 hours in advance to confirm the cancellation and keep your cancellation registration number. Category D associate membership can be granted to natural persons or legal entities cinemx a specific action of cultural venfe through film, without representing a cinema.

Walnut-plantations in the cheese country In the west of vercors extends the country from the nut and famous st marcellin which are in the neighbour with the pogne and the ravioles.

Villard de lans in summer Villard de lans is a principal cantonal town and historic centre of the vercors.

International Confederation of Art Cinemas

The title gives the holder the right to participate in the General Assembly while being released of any obligation to pay membership dues. September Condition s:. We are proud to More information. The crucial role of cinema theatres as a centre for discovering new cultural forms, as well as a platform for presenting compelling and innovative films from all over the world stays intact even in these times of digital development. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

Guide to the best zoos in France. Page venxe to 6 Hotels in This document provides information on selected hotels in the area.

Thus, art house cinema sector is well and truly also a market, which provides quality filmmaking with its main outlets in the largest markets. Active members, category B: Accomodation The organizing committee selected three hotels and obtained preferential rates. Discover your secret passions: Thank you for watching our presentation. We hope you will find this document useful More information.


Guide to parks and recreation in France. Admission decisions can be challenged before the C. Drinking and driving If the level of alcohol in the. Discover isere Discover your xcene passions: If you’re planning your visit to grenoble, or a local looking for something different to do, here are the attractions in and around grenoble!

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Drinking and driving If the level of alcohol in the More information. First free stt More information. If you re reading this guide, there s a good chance you ve already been there perhaps many times. Located in the heart of the regional park, Meauder is a typical village where the focus is all the peace and tranquility. How to reach Toulouse.

We hereby propose principal rides you may have to prepare in advance to give you. Board of Directors for approval. Gerald Flowers 3 years ago Views: Ordinary General Assembly in Cannes, as the yearly membership dues. Against this backdrop, filmmakers meet their audience, social events around the film are held and the audience discovers new talents.

It stands out in particular for its delicate arch, its. Active members, category D: