Pax, peace, wants gen. Vespertilio, a bah Ternio, the number three. But as the substantive and adjective toge- ther express but one object, and in Latin are declined after the same manner, they have both been comprehended under the same general name. Piimex, -icis, a pumice stone. The number of its final syllables is not ascertained. Philadelphia, January 1,

Incitas, or -a, ace. Nates, ium, the buttocks. The following list contains most of the nouns that are defective in case: Praesepe, a stall; hive. I Sobules, an offspring. Halex, -ecis, a herring.

So that all the cases are contracted, except the dative singular, and genitive plural. Penates, ium, household gods. Co7ijux, a husband, or wife.

BTlis, the gall, anger. Smilax, -acis, the herb rope-weed. Latin or English Grammar is the art of speaking and writing the Latin or English language correctly. Cor, cordis, the heart. Hystrix, -icis, a porcupine. Opes, um, power, wealth. In declension only ; as, laurus, genit.

Nouns which have ium in the genitive plural, make their accusative plural in es, eis, or is ; as, partes, partium, ace. Turbo, the name of a man, has onis. Semis is cinemaa sometimes neuter, and then it is indeclinable. LTgo, -Gnis, a spade. Lictor, an officer among the Romans, who attended the magistrates. Plebes, the common people, makes plcbis, plebei, or plebi ; Fames, hunger, fdmis, or famei.


A few have their Genitive from the Third, dpmani, Requies, ei, or etis. Nihil, nil, nihil urn, i, nothing. A consonant cannot make a perfect sound with- out a vowel ; as, 6, d. Strages, Strues, a heap. The nominative plural ends in es, when the noun is either masculine or feminine ; as, sermones, rupes. Reviewed October 22, Callis, a beaten road.

Kalendas, Nonae, Idus, -uum, names which the Romans gave to certain days in each month. The original work has been used nearly half a century in all the best schools and colleges in our country, and those who have temporarily resorted to other gram- mars, have at length come back to this. The first two, however, are oftener mas- culine ; the rest oftener feminine.

O the Gods, A. Tempestas, a time, a tem- pest. Caput, a head ; neut.

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Nearby Attractions See all 33 nearby attractions. Other names of jewels are generally masculine ; as, beryllus, the beryl edeb carbun- cuius, a carbuncle ; pyropus, a ruby ; smaragdus, an emerald: A simple word is that which is not made up of more than one; as, plus, pious ; ego, I ; doceo, I teach. Every particular being should have its own proper name ; but this is impossible, on account of their innumerable multitude; men have therefore been obliged to give eren same common name to such things as agree together in certain respects.


Februa, -orum, purifying sacrifices, Flabra, blasts of wind. JEs, not used in gen. Pubes, -is, the youth. Naiades, um, fountain nymphs. Cardo, -mis, a hinge. The division of words into simple and compound portl called their Figure ; into primitive and derivative, their Species, or sort. The following plurals occur: Paean, -anis, a song. Suovetaurilia, ium, a sacrifice of a swine, sheep, and ox.

Crepido, a creek, bank.

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Bacillus, and -um, a staff. So, Fsex, -cis, dregs. Monosyllables of the neuter gender have uris, in the genitive ; porti, Crus, cruris, the leg.

Deos, the Gods, V. Substantives ending in the syllable eus are all proper names, and have the geni- tive in eos ; as, Orpheus, Orpheos ; Tereus, Tereos. Taken as a whole, however, the original work of Dr. Parental ia, solemnities at the funeral of a parent. Vellus, a cineka of wool.

Carmen, a song, a poem. Par, a mate, husband, or wife. PrGlubium, i, a desire. Temo, the pole or draught- tree.