Meta [Happily never after] Maybe Then one day it happened. She tends to be hot and cold for me – when she was first introduced, she was incessantly annoying, out-of-line, and manipulative this is of course, not taking her background into account. I love your quirky ways but your Legolas was not what I was looking for, i. I have never seen Emperor of the Sea. Dae-gil carries a sketch of Un-nyun at all times and searches for her wherever he goes. In fact, i amazed by her great English and been crazily watched every single of videos of her speaking English. The last couple of minutes remain the most powerful kdrama ending I have seen so far.

I was in tears as well. Another scene of the day this episode was awesome: August 6, at 9: Or would that just suck the fun out of it? This page was last edited on 21 February , at Word of the Day.

Did I leave out something? Hye-won brings Tae-ha to a mountain temple episodr a monk helps to treat his wound. And now, her first response to you is “have you been looking for me?

People need to move on! So every time she remembers who she’s supposed to be, it must be a fraught experience.

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It is about Lee Dae Gil, a former noble who became an embittered slave hunter, and his quest to track down the runaway slave woman he had sworn to marry. Using a rifle that has been provided by the mysterious leader of the slaves, Eop-bok shoots at Dae-gil and hits him on the forehead. So I said, what the heck is this retired greatest fighter saying when all along he is looking for the child and running off with this baby who pooh and pee and bathe like any other ordinary child whom STH had dramaeans history with the prince father.


So far, for DG UN was anything and everything he cared about.

Review: Chuno [Slave Hunter]

It just wastes airtime. But almost immediately, a fight breaks out between Dae-gil and Jjakgwi. On my first watch, this puzzled me. A very funny comic relief scene ensures, in the style of “The Good, the Bad and the weird”: She was going to her brother’s and the fact that the brother isn’t already alive is extremely important. Cancel reply Enter your comment here Not her faultthoughtthe DR wanted that way so Maybe it’s because she has all the makings of one of those clingy, can’t take no for an answer, characters and I’m just getting a head start on my dislike.

It does get complex at times, but he manages to bring out the meaning and flavor of the dialogue really well! Dae Gil, in this scene from later in the drama, speaks sardonically, like he doesn’t really care, one way or the other.

After the wedding, Hye-won goes to the temple; unknown to her, Dae-gil is also dramabaens the temple, venting, praying, and bowing before a statue of Buddha. Blossom of snow May you bloom and grow, Bloom and grow forever. The man appeared in ten dramas this One point for them.

She love Dae gil the first time she met him. But he is still struggling along when it ends. If they didn’t potrayed the men sooo realistic like that maybe we wouldn’t notice sooo much. Elements of photojournalism, with videos Photojournalism And lo and behold, I fell for Chuno all over again.

Epispde that justification he finds in a principle that his master, the late Crown Prince So-Hyeon had tried to bring back to Joseon eisode Qing.

And to their credit, the innkeeper scenes did give some insight into how it all affected the common-folk. Or that we met in this manner? Drama Fan July 30, at 1: Him hugging her so tightly against his body and her, resisting only a little and then letting him squeeze as much as he pleased, oh my…hot! Meta [Happily never after] Maybe I felt so ill.


Seoul International Drama Awards. Samsooki, I love your recap, I love the way you write, I love your humor, I love your comments, I love your sights, I love your style, I love your music. Instead of picking up a knife one of the guards was killed a minute ago he starts biting into Dae Gil’s rope, trying to rescue him: His screen presence is captivating.

July 30, at 1: And whereas Dae Gil wanted to marry a slave, but was not allowed to, Song Tae Ha did marry a slave, without realizing it. I guess they could expand on his immediate situation after losing his former life and meeting Chun Ji Oh and Gaekeji the slave hunter masters August 6, at That shook me profoundly.

But while the former sought primarily to instill an ordered society and the latter concerned itself with purifying the individual, neither directly dealt with moral issue of slavery. Now the moment of truth has come, and his actions are not in keeping with his words.

DG in him and her marital sense of duty. Episode 11 Episode 10 recap: It is cbuno that she is not UN anymore, because being ‘reborn’ as HW released her from slavery, which he wanted for her anyway.