Park Young Ji Supporting Cast. Besides I hate it how Yoon Joo got thrown away based on some shady video which didn’t really tell much about her. I think the writer should consult some Francofone so as to let the characters utter only short and simple words and still pretend to speak French. GoodDrama for your Android devices – free download. They represented two worlds that converged not because they closed their eyes but because they are a good match – equally driven, equally hard working, equally to give it all to their goal. So if it wasn’t for the early white rabbit reference and the actual presence of the book to introduce the original ending at the end of the very end of the show, it’d have been completely wasted.

She’s been looking crazy these last two episodes. Sadly, this drama did not live up to my initial expectations, but worth the watch for Yoon-Joo alone. All in all, the writer should have reduced the “French” parts as much as possible and let the viewers hear them in the background instead of having the actors stutter and the viewers suffer. Lo and behold, thwarted In Hwa gets a clue about a nanosecond in and sleuthes her way to the confirming evidence three seconds later. I feel so horribly betrayed. Finally, someone who speaks sense in this drama! I agree with her views on confessions. Kr as a national treasure.

I so wished this could have been in the hands of an older, more intense actress who could match PSH’s intensity and chemistry – when is MGY going to learn to kiss back? It probably would’ve been cute. His pronunciation was always good, and his character for most of the drama was supposed to have spent a year in the US.


I still don’t always recognize it, but I am a little better than 2 years ago, for instance. She finally emerges from the bathroom more composed than before.

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Oh I loved how he brought the Churchill thing back. You have already reported this comment. She changed into a different person.

Her considerations matter too, not just you doing whatever the heck you feel compelled to do, even if you are doing it due to an excess of love. Korea now and I was able to find it again! Seung-jo asks why it took her so long to get a job, and she replies that having no study abroad experience is a detriment.

Did a fist pump too when Yoon Joo stuck it to both In Hwa and her doofus brother who put her down as not being worth hundreds of billion won. Dpisode Kopytko, I agree with you! I figured they didn’t literally mean ‘Cheongdamdong’ as ‘Wonderland’ though it seems like they refer to it as wonderlandbut decided ‘Wonderland’ was just the way people viewed ‘the world’ – asif it’s prettier than it really is.

Dong Wook chides Seung Jo eplsode rushing and doing it so improperly. Beginning to dislike the brother and sister pair.

There wasn’t the typical love triangle, misunderstandings that dragged on, the family feud was portrayed well, cheonfdamdong wee complex and the theme was very well integrated Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. And in the end he’s the dreamer or Red King who’ll cause Alice to disappear if he wakes up. They are made for each other.


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Originally I loved the idea about cheongdwmdong guy, who has given up on love, finally discovering that loves does exist. Now at episode 11 part 1, the script writer is pretty much trying to say in a super roundabout way that honesty is the best policy, what goes around comes around.

TS January 14, at 7: He has obviously become a better actor HAHA I could barely make out what she was trying to say.

And as the economic elite of korea, they are ultra educated, and at times, raised with the mindset of marrying for business reasons. And how do you explain Mr. It was cheonvdamdong and perfect.

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Will Seung Jo be able to trust her again? Dong Wook is the Voice of Reason.

Really like your comment. I just Wanted to say: Virtuous women are the ones who make people happy and demonstrate cheerfulness in the face of adversity. Neither have anything else to say to each other. Se-kyung and Seung-jo sitting on a tree!