A fund, dedicated to the memory of Robbie Page, contrib- utes annually to the needs of crippled children in Lafayette. Tri-Delta’s annual functions include the National Convention, Rush, socials with fraternities. In all, a total of seven members of the Cajun squad claimed All-SLC honors during the tournament, match- ing the record-setting total established last year by the USL team. KD’s colors are green and white, and the mascot of the sorority is the katydid cricket. The fall semester ended with a Kris Kringle party with everyone looking forward to the new year. But something yearbooks often forget is to pay tribute to the people who make up USL — the people who make all these things that have happened impor- tant — the students.

Sherrie Bylcr — assistant house director. Daryl Mechanical Engr Crawford. Assumption Par- ish Created from one of the original 12 counties on March 31, , the county of Lafourche was divided into two parishes “the nearest of which the two rivers shall form the eighth parish under the name of the Parish of Assumption and shall in- clude one-half of the population” The other half of Lafourche county consisting of the lower part was to be called Interior Lafourche. Brenda Pourcia — coordinator of hospitality programs, Mary Ellen Golan — director of special student programs; and Fernanda Vargas — coordinator of social programming. They held a canned foods drive for Thanksgiving and gave coloring books and colors to children in the hospital for Christmas. At first thought, living in a dorm may seenri to be the last resort if and only if nothing else can be found. Blackjack has been the USL football equipment manager for the last twenty years, but those words could never describe what Bill has really been to USL.

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From its “Crush Party” for Valentine’s Day, to its annual “Halloween Bash” and yearly socials, there is never a shortage of things to do with the brothers of Lamb- da Chi. Thanks too, for not getting angry about the camera, shall chatan say “someone had to find the bugs in it” and I sure did.


Brothers of Phi Kappa Theta can rilm recognized by their white, gold and purple jerseys bearing their Greek letters. However, dorm life at USL offers many unique qualities which make each se- mester a new experience. For a while the water was so clear and shining you could actually see the bottom — something very few at USL have seen until this year. All Chi Os share common goals and ideals.

Suzanne Lim, Chuin Lim. It was settled by John Law’s German colonists who came down from Arkansas. Alciatore is a native of New Orleans, but has had teaching and administrative experience in many out-of-state univer- sities, including the University of Minnesota, Oklahoma State Uni- versity, the University of Texas and Florida Atlantic University.

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Some of the earlier set- tlers ri Acadians. Cypress Lake went through many changes — as the school did. But the team will be and has been the one to suffer.

Abdul Korman, Carl Muller. Edward H, Posey, Milton L. People soy she’s the life of the fuirtu Rush proved to be very successful.


Michael Belancourt, Juan Bethea. But she hasn’t practiced since the beginning of summer because of the trouble involved in getting in gym and fikm. Cturlone EJf menury Educ Brouawrd. Sporting the colors azure blue and argent white, the brothers of Phi Delta Theta have pledged to im- prove Greek life, not only within their own fraternity, but campuswide as well.

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Instead, it is a group of wahrxn men who aspire to the qualities of fine gentlemen. We hope you’ll recognize these changes, and will enjoy comparing them to the changes that will occur in the years to come. Marcia Mosley, James Moss. Dana Judice, Kalhryn Judice. FRONT, right to left: He has co-authored and co- edited a number of books in these fields, has published articles in leading History journals, and in the ‘s and early ‘s directed four NDEA summer and academic-year institutes de- signed to improve the teaching of History in American schooIs.


Whether it is guiding campus tours or explaining the registra- tion process, the staff member’s service to our university is invalu- able!

Life as a Lambda Chi is never dull. Gloria Apchiiectufe laniae, David Chemical Engr laniac. O Firestone, Harvey J. Mary Rugheimer won two national championships inwon the national championship synchronized event with Leigh, and placed second in the U.

Clarenda Elliott, Kirk Ellli. Terrebonne Parish Terrebonne was established on March 22, Epsilon Psi has made some national as well as local accomplishments.

Didier was elevated to the athletic director position early this spring when Dan “Sonny” Roy retired vilm the post to go into private business. Are things that bad?? Enter f Website or Keyword:. In addition, AAA won sweepstakes during the Homecoming activities. He loves working with college students. Alice English Edur Oubre.

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Coatavo Citv h Reg Planning Ellia. Paul Mouton, Wabran Moutos. For many years it was the center of considerable culture. Jeff Hennessy, coach of the world-renowned USL trampoline team, retired from coaching this year.