St Padre Pio locket available in the Gift Store. I truly think it was a divine intervention because He end up in the ER without symptoms of blood clot which are silent killers and that the ER doctor order a sonogram. Your son might be afraid of the picture representing the saint. I will try writing by letter. A week after the surgery he did not look good but it is normal for such big surgery but I call his primary doctor and she said to go to the emergency room. Thanks Rita for sharing this wonderful story of the heavenly intercession of Saint Sharbel Maklouf. Went to the mass which was beautiful ,but there was something going on within me,having never bee to a Maronite Liturgy I was aware It caused a stir not only in Beirut, but in the whole of Lebanon.

He improved enough to be moved to a Physical Rehab Facility to help him gain the strength to walk again. I M intrigued, so we watch the movie. We tried to get him to the hospital to detox without sucess. I immediately got on their website and e mailed them, called them but no avail. Thank You, Alfred Brown. Three days later, after returning home, she woke up in the morning to discover that the hump on her back had disappeared.

He had been on a drinking binge for over a year. Also, my son is so afraid of the story of the false mystic.

maknlouf To all that have sick loved ones, be assured I will include them in my prayers. All I heard was pray more. At the time Bishop Francis Zayek, head the U.

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Sharbel is called the second St. I started my nine day novena again and I know Saint Charbel is already interceding for me. Glenn Dallaire This article is especially written in consideration Also Movje and Chaplet Beads. Blessed Maria Bolognesi -The mystic who endured a demonic possession.

Charbep a request to prepare an urgent report, Charbel sat down at night to work on it. Well believe me or not within 30 min she was ready to deliver and the doctor even had to hurry or he would have missed the delivery. Hi all, I enjoyed reading the comments, especially the miracles. When or where is this movie that you found so inspiring???


She believed that it was Saint Charbel who healed her but did not recognize the other monk. I wonder if I should wait a little more or ask them again? They were so happy and thanked Charbel and me. Angelica Avcikurt for co InCharbel was granted by the abbot of the monastery the privilege of living as a hermit at the Hermitage of Saints Peter and Paul, a chapel under the care of the monastery.

I credit my Guardian Angel because when I pulled into the parking lot the chapel is surrounded by angels,kind if reminded me if Tepeyac. In writing chxrbel the shrine in Lebanon I was informed by one of the priests there that the saint is no longer incorrupt, but that his bones are an unusual shade of red.

Hopefully we will hear of new saints from that small country which needs lots charbep prayers to keep Christianity going on in The Middle East. Obedience to the Church -Important note on judging private revelations -Obedience to the Pope; Respecting the authority of the Vicar of Christ. Ask Me; I am burning with desire to give it to you” “Talk to Me. Maron Monastery, where he lived a life of severe asceticism in the monastery.

When I entered the silence so profound,when I departed I am rather perplexed as to why I was to experience a calling to the chapel? We refused to sign the documents. I remind him this is typical.

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Newer Post Older Post Home. This was witnessed by an increasingly large number of people, none of whom could provide an explanation.

Views Read Edit View history. Irving “Francis” Houle -American stigmatic. I belief it was a miracle. My prayer for Walter is for physical, spiritual and emotional healing.

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Eminent eye specialists announced that the damage to the iris was so severe that he would never see through it again. After a three weeks I suddenly thought to pray and ask St. This is the Address: I need holy oil. His hip was broken in three places.


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I went to visit him and prayerd the Divine Mercy Chaplet by his bedside three weekends. Thanks Rita for sharing this wonderful story of the heavenly intercession of Saint Sharbel Maklouf. He had lost the sight in one eye after suffering a blow to it while at work. If anyone else has had success sending an email to the Monastery at Annaya, please share which email address you used.

I would suggest that you write to them explaining the situationit is likely that they will be happy to resolve the matter by sending you another one.

I’m just worried that it got lost in the mail, or they might have forgotten to send it. Stigmatic blood writings in the life of Natuzza Evolo. Precious dear love please restore my health to oct immediately as I am failing terribly. To his dismay he found his lamp had run out of oil. He was sent back to St. He wore that medallion for about a month and half until he lost it. He would take the flock to a grotto nearby, where he had installed an icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

But ever since he wore it, he never got sick. He needs to come unto Christ and give himself to God through the saving grace of Jesus Christ… I believe God can and will touch his life and touch his heart and mind… Pray for a miracle of New Life in Christ…Pray that he will be a new man in Christ Jesus… Pray that Eric will experience the grace and mercy of God and this will turn his life around!!!

I figured that I understood now. I wrote an email to saint Charbel’s monastery in Lebanon and received holy oil from them at no cost. At a few points we were gently urged to consider DNR. Over the following month he was very weak, needed oxygen.