PhET sims have typically been aimed at the college level, but many sims are used in middle school classrooms. The research reported here describes the process of teacher professional growth through changes in roles and identities. In particular, we will show evidence that students at this level respond more positively to ‘pretests’ than one might expect, suggesting more expert-like epistemological expectations than is often the case in the introductory course. Did the student solve the problem using the desired schema or by an alternative method? Innovative curricula aim to improve content knowledge and the goal of helping students develop practices and skills of authentic scientist through active engagement learning. Faculty, on the other hand, base most or all of their assessment of teaching effectiveness on student test performance and ongoing formative assessments. It is argued that comprehension occurs upon the construction of mental models.

Dancy and Charles R. These observations include more than 80 student interviews as well as classroom implementations from 5th-8th grade by 4 different teachers. Rebello, How accurately can students estimate their performance on an exam and how does this relate to their actual performance on the exam? We discuss the process of course transformation, including holding faculty meetings to create consensus learning goals and a conceptual diagnostic, and adopting, adapting and creating course materials and structures. Drawing appropriate diagrams is a useful problem solving heuristic that can transform a given problem into a representation that is easier to exploit for solving it. Willis, Gender bias in the force concept inventory? Examples of assessment items and student responses will be shown. Students perceive scientific writing as an important aspect of participating in the research group and it is a significant discussion point in the research meetings.

Sanjay Rebello, Paula V. The use of PDAs as classroom interaction system: Faculty and their institutions should have a shared set of metrics by which they measure teaching yoday.


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Assessment of vertical transfer in problem solving: Preliminary results indicate that the PET curriculum has great potential to provide students with opportunities for success in understanding physics concepts, as well as helping to develop scientific argumentation strategies. We include concrete examples of activities where these strategies have been used effectively.

This method uses the total score on the FCI as the measure of ability. To help students process through the analogy deeply and contemplate whether the static frictional force was at its maximum value, students in different recitation classrooms received different scaffolding support. Could the well-established fact that males tend to score higher than females on the Force Concept Inventory FCI be due to gender bias in the questions? Do prescribed prompts prime sensemaking during group problem solving?

Two carefully designed research-based multiple-choice questions were transformed into a free-response format and administered on the final exam in a calculus-based introductory physics course. In this paper, we discuss an experiment which focused specifically on the concept of “area under a curve”.

However, comparatively little research has compared students’ learning gains on concept inventories with other more traditional assessments in the classroom. We also discuss the use of the survey to investigate gender differences in students’ difficulties with concepts related to magnetism. We propose that explicitly articulating the criteria used to identify forms of energy can empower teachers and students and help them to understand both the concept of energy and the nature of science.

Energy concepts are fundamental across the sciences, yet these concepts can be fragmented along disciplinary boundaries, rather than integrated into a coherent whole.

Godshall, Implementation of phased-array homework: Roundy, and Donald B. Creative thought and the ability to innovate are critical skills in industrial and academic careers alike. We also describe the development and implementation of a research-based learning tool, a Quantum Interactive Learning Tutorial QuILTto reduce these difficulties. Examples of assessment items and student responses will be shown.


Chasteen, and Katherine K. Finding meaningful search features for automated analysis of short responses to conceptual questions Christopher M.

Implications for the role of PER in teacher professional development and teacher preparation will be discussed.

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Similar confusions arose in problems relating to capacitors and inductors. In this paper, we consider some of the threats to validity in problem design. For example, it provides a physical chandrqlekha in which tension is a relevant measure in the system.

We describe some common difficulties advanced undergraduate and graduate students have with concepts related to quantum measurement. Using PeerWise to enhance engagement and outcomes in introductory physics courses Simon P. Here, we present fully longitudinal data collected over the past three years, where we track the evolution of the attitudes and beliefs of one group of students.

By means of e;isode analysis we illustrate the effectiveness of Implicit Action in implementing the Modeling Theory of Instruction. Research on teaching to the test in K settings has documented the lack of generalized understanding of underlying principles in tested subjects.

Webb, and Valerie K. In this paper chadnralekha present an initial analysis connecting key elements of Modeling Instruction MI to self-efficacy experience opportunities. We interviewed upper-level undergraduate physics majors about their understanding of the role of operators in quantum measurements. Having students attempt homework problems prior to class enables them to be better prepared to ask specific questions about concepts and to perform on exams, as well as to develop as self learners.