Contrary to your biased projections, often, hunters identify with and understand animals better than many non or anti-hunters do. Oh, yeah, profit trumps everything else which gives those with ownership of governing entities license to take whatever they want to make that profit. August 12, at 4: Additional thunderstorms are expected late this afternoon and into the evening. Since they were originally delisted in Montana and Idaho, hundreds of them have been shot and killed. That is what is being pushed by the lead hounder in the state, Corky Meyer. Given the several large adjacent packs in the area and the many potential young dispersers within these packs, it is likely that the Gros Pack will increase next year. August 15, at 9:

When I hear non-hunters talking about fair chase I usually get the impression that the concept is simply being used as a tool to promote an anti-hunting agenda. August 10, at And, no legislative bodies want to be spending more on fire-fighting though it might create a few local jobs for a short while. For the thrill, for a pelt. Wolves attacking domestic animals other than livestock, including pets on private land, two or more times in a calendar year will be relocated. In , 4 sheep were killed by wolves.

That is what is being pushed by the lead hounder in the state, Corky Meyer.

Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed. I am left wondering if the fact that wolves also die is taken into account here. It needs to burn. Wstch rescind order to shoot a Mexican gray wolf believed to have killed cows in New Mexico urbiggkit Carson is also one of the major oil refinery and distribution terminal towns in the LA basin.


Not so favorable for moose. August 20, at August 19, at 9: Grizzlies doing fine While his department hustles to meet a court order, Salazar says bear populations are stable. In4 wolves were removed after the pack killed 4 cattle. Not only have individual outfitters urbigkiit privateers and scoundrels, collectively thru their own organization and affiliation with groups like Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife they have perverted the very industry they participate into something I no longer recognize as being worthy.

August 9, at 8: I eat what I kill, and help to feed my family — both direct and extended with it, so it does serve a purpose. Skip to main content Search. More about using dogs. The public will turn against them.

August 8, at 3: Hunting, when done properly, can make nature a live, unscripted play one is actually taking part in. High to Low Avg.

Submit photos, stories, links, tips or information. Query is it time for change or do we continue this vision of the West for another years as it continues to grow making greater demands of those public lands resources? There were no horse outfitters either due to the snow. August 26, at And a lot of this is based on being able to drive those fossil fuel burning cars, and continue to careen off the energy cliff, what then?

For some, as long as they got to kill something in a pretty place they think they have participated in a sport. Ralph I agree, its astounding to see these unpopular polices being implemented regardless of what the majority of Americans want. August 9, at 2: So the big unknown is how much business decline would the Montana outfitters have seen regardless of wolf impact.


Cat Urbigkit follows cattle kids through a year of ranching on the Wyoming western range.

Wolf Pack Information, Wolf Watch, by Cat Urbigkit, Pinedale Online!

The pack has been involved in chronic depredations since Hunting on private lands in certain areas of the Panhandle region of Idaho has been occurring since July urbogkit, making it legal to kill wolves months a year. August 21, at 8: I think someone posted a link to a survey done in Wisconsin and the people living there were asked about their views of wolves.

The fun parts of hunting all occur prior to pulling the trigger, or loosing an arrow—that is the experience that sport hunters generally seek. Books By Cat Urbigkit. Paradise Sheep Wyoming Authors. I have criticized outfitters in the past and will continue to criticize unethical and poor outfitters who do not deliver what they advertise. Yesterday was Primary Election day in Wyoming.

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After a while, at the mere sound of the bell, they responded by drooling. It takes a considerable amount of self-awareness and ego-release to put that rifle down and just enjoy the hike for the hike.

The Los Angeles Times just wrapped up a series of stories on human population, consumption and the future of our planet. They extinguished all two of them. urnigkit