The girl introduces herself as Tokiko Tsumura and takes Kazuki as her disciple. A year-old boy named Kazuki Muto awakens from a nightmare where he is killed by a monster after trying to save a mysterious girl. Archived from the original PDF on October 18, Butterfly , and now calling himself Papillon, seeks Kazuki and declares war on him. Kazuki, enraged that his failure will result in Bravo’s death, pierces Bravo’s buso renkin and wounds him. One rainy afternoon, Kazuki comes across two third-year students, school class president Ouka Hayasaka and her younger twin brother and star player of the Kendo Club, Shusui.

Tokiko and Kazuki visit the haunted factory where everything began. However, they are then interrupted by Hiwatari’s appearance. Gouta learns they plan to assassinate Tokiko and impedes their mission before escaping and rendezvousing with Kazuki and Tokiko. Tokiko explains that a mysterious person gave her Kazuki’s kakugane and that person may know how to reverse the black kakugane’s effect. Kazuki tries to follow, but thanks to Tokiko’s sorrowful cry, he regains his consciousness. Archived from the original on January 14, Tokiko manages to find Kazuki’s body in the ocean and is able to revive him. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

Captain Bravoa member of the Alchemist Warriors and the one who delivered the cure to Tokiko, offers Kazuki a chance to join their mission combating the LXEa group consisting of Human-type Homunculi based in Kazuki’s town. Shusui recalls his earliest memories: Papillon takes the kakugane from the defeated Homunculus, declares that he will defeat Kazuki and then leaves the scene.

The next day, Kazuki and Tokiko visit Ouka in the hospital who reveals that her brother had left to train in order busoou rid himself of LXE’s corruption. Kazuki finds Koushaku in his great-great grandfather’s laboratory and attempts to destroy the Homunculus matter. But the Hayasaka twins are determined to fight.

Lists of anime episodes. Kazuki then propels himself to the moon, dragging Victor with him and saving the Earth from Victor but leaving a grief-stricken Tokiko behind. He tells Tokiko to meet with him at vuctor for important information. Tokiko decides to battle Papillon before leaving town.

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Elsewhere, the other group of Alchemist Warriors finds Victor and engages him in battle only to be busoi beaten, though Shusui’s abilities save them from certain death. In order to deal with the black kakugane, Kazuki decides to go to the place where Tokiko found it.


Shosei then reinstates Tokiko and Gouta as Alchemy Warriors and allows Kazuki to continue his buspu for a cure. You are successfully logged out. Create a free ShareTV account to make a personalized schedule of your favorite TV shows, keep track of what you’ve watched, earn points and more.

Captain Bravo tells Kazuki that in six weeks, Kazuki will be passively draining energy from those around him like Victor and that Bravo has been ordered to kill Kazuki before the transformation is complete.

Kazuki is later confronted by a Frog Homunculus and defeats it in battle only to faint from his injuries. The Alchemist Army delivers a full-scale attack cs Victor.

She explains that Homunculus matters are parasitic embryos that turn their host into Homunculi.

On December 8,Viz Media announced the production of the English dub which would be released in two DVD sets of thirteen episodes each. Papillon is revealed to have been making a white kakugane to restore Kazuki.

The girl introduces herself as Tokiko Tsumura and takes Kazuki as her disciple. The pair are attacked by a mysterious man who sends a Homunculus matter to attach onto Tokiko only to have it deflected.

The English translation is published vctor the young adult Shonen Jump Advanced label. Meanwhile, the battle between the Alchemist Warriors and Victor continues.

After reuniting with Captain Bravo, Papillon leaves to research Victor in order to turn Kazuki back into a human being. Tokiko and Gouta are able to defeat the enemy, Shinobu Negoro, and resume searching for Kazuki. The two devise a series of high-speed attacks, but Washio’s natural instinct and warrior experience sees through their plan.

Audible Download Audio Books. Victor asks them to turn him into a Homunculus and that he will lead all the Homunculi to the moon until they find a way to revert Homunculi back into humans.

Kazuki and Tokiko search for a student who has been absent from school for the past four days and come across a sickly third-year student kazuko turns out to be the creator of the homunculi….

Kazuki, Tokiko, and Gota head toward the Newton Apple Academy for Girls, an all-girl boarding school where the black kakugane was originally located. Victor leaves the scene, promising to return. However, Ouka uses her buso renkin and absorbs Kazuki’s episofe damage claiming that Kazuki is someone they can trust.

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Gouta learns they plan to assassinate Tokiko and impedes their mission before escaping and rendezvousing with Kazuki and Tokiko. A Plant Homunculus appears and prepares to finish off Kazuki, but Tokiko intercepts its attack and kills it. Tokiko manages to find Kazuki’s body in the ocean and is able to revive him.


The original manga was serialized from June to April in Weekly Shonen Jump before being cancelled. Meanwhile, Tokiko is ordered to safeguard the kakugane originally taken from Bravo’s subordinate Alchemist Warrior. By placing himself in suspended animation, Kazuki can put an end to being further Victornized by waiting until another white kakugane can be perfected by Papillon. Butterfly dies, he explains that a man named Victor is inside the flask and that he is a being far superior to humans and Homunculi.

Kazuki ignores her warnings and heads to the warehouse where he activates his buso renkin and defeats the Homunculus leader. Create Account Forgot Password. Viz Media released the English dub of the series in two DVD compilations which contain thirteen episodes each. Nobuyoshi Habara directed the opening and ending themes and its animation was directed by Akio Takami.

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The next day, they decide to head to the beach where Tokiko runs into Gouta Nakamura. Archived from the original on June 29, The battle is stopped when they notice that Kazuki’s buso renkin’s light is seen on the moon. At school, a teacher named Mita punishes Kazuki for not having proper school equipment and forces him to stay after school.

Kazuki regains his kakugane which is revealed to be a black kakuganecausing him to transform into a being like Victor with glowing light green hair, red eyes and copper-colored skin. Verification code check your email for the verification code. Shusui inflicts a critical wound on Kazuki while he is distracted.

Koushaku explains that he intends to turn himself into a humanoid Homunculus with a specially made Homunculus embryo which will grant him abilities and endurance far beyond human capacity. Tokiko and Kazuki visit the haunted factory where everything began.

Papillon, using his white kakugane, restores Kazuki’s humanity and the two begin their long awaited duel.