I’ll bring the blade. Hope to see you back soon! Thank God for that. I hope you make a huge profit from sales. She has done well portraying two very different main characters. It was the question constantly bugging me as I watched the final episode. I, then, read DB for the recaps to improve my understanding of what transpired in an episode, and to relive the joy. Kwan-woo picks up on his existential crisis, but Hye-sung remains blissfully unaware, and keeps prodding for more praise.

Or we will have issues, show. Also that surveillance detail was weird. The two actors skills made it the most real wedding that I have seen in Korean dramas. I entertained the same thought for just a second and gave up right away. Every thing was wrapped in a bow, a little too pat. Her lover piggybacks her the rest of the way.

He asks his partner to switch, which of course gets denied. Doo Rim would probably be an easy pick for most due to her kind-hearted and positive nature, but i love the growth we see in Kang Ju. Thank you so much Miss Koala for brire recap.

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Does that make ANY sense? Kang Joo arrives at the port town where Doo Rim now lives and he walks around showing her picture to people while we see Doo Rim doing her daily deliveries around town. I might do as episoe. Thank you so much for the recap and your thoughts, Edprama really like it.

After you are done with the ganking, well, I have a truck and a shovel and I am sure I can find someplace shallow.

Bride of the Water God

She wants to repay her DR previous life, I guess? The fortune teller snarks that they ought to go epiaode the police or a detective agency to find someone since he has no power to find people. If that really happens, it’d ruin the drama for me, because everything I love about this drama is the fact that is doesn’t go by the typical drama norms and cliche.


There were several other cases where MJK’s case and the court case paralleled with one another vice versa! I feel that he genuinely ever wants to do whatever pleases her. Mar July 25, at At this point, Min Joon Gook is just blood thirsty and is just using every excuse in the book to justify his killing.

Been going up up and away! I will say I felt as if they dropped SuHa’s IQ by a few points from the moment of the robbery until the end of the episode. As she wanted, a peaceful world has been created. He is a very dynamic person in real life, so it totally makes sense that he can suit so many roles. Kwan-woo says he had to tell her the truth because she found them in his desk, and Su-ha asks in a panicked voice if she knows the whole truth—about his father starting this whole chain of events.

Koala for the recap…I skimmed through it lightly so as not to completely spoil it for myself because I have not watched the last two episodes yet.

But oops, what will your wife think? You forgot another outcome 7. Airyn July 25, at 9: I try to write it off as mysterious and that perhaps he doesn’t understand the full extent of his power.

Bride Of The Century Episode 16 Final (A SqueeCap)

About What would you do if you had to continue a strange family legacy? Which brings me to the question: He kinda looked scared of her for a minute lol.

If the news article on MJG’s mom and son was from when he was in jail for journalist dad’s murder, Su-ha and MJG’s son can’t be the same. We see that Byul and her beloved young master appear to be together now in the afterlife. He doesn’t know he is his son? KDaddict July 25, at 8: The receiver drops from his hand, and he lets out this terrifying, wailing scream, over and over as he beats his head against the phone, like he might knock the whole booth over.


He tells Roo Mi to not be blind to the precious gem before her otherwise she is ruining her own future. Just finished episode 3 and 4 after refreshing gooddrama.

Totally agree with you–the moment the theft happened I knew it was about the cell phone. Behind the Scenes 6: It’s kinda fun to see the variations in translation. While now everyone were thinking that SuHa might die in the end but look what a twist the writer-nim threw on us Nonetheless, I appreciate the hardwork you put in all the episode recaps.

I check out what’s hot on dramabeans, marathon epdama past episodes and by the time I’m done its going into its last few episodes. My favorite moments in this episode were the friendship ones, between the two girls and between Kwan-woo and Lawyer Shin. It will allow Joon Gook to recognize him–if Su-Ha is his son. Imho, episodes 1 to 14 took us on a wild ride, 15 and 16 were anticlimactic. Kang In and Roo Mi go to see the fortune teller who thinks they are here for marital fortune but Roo Mi cuts him off and explains she is here to look for a Na Doo Rim.

Kang Joo finds a toddler crying in the play area and picks him up. The pacing of the show seems to be affected by the extension but at epdrxma the filler is a bunch of cute. Could your dreams be more childish?

Thank you for the recap I hope you are right.