Enzo uses his special move, Slumdog Driver and Yu uses his special move, Inferno Blast and as a result his bey is cracked and partially falls apart, and loses the first round. Ryo contacts Hikaru to tell them Hades City is rising and Gingka warns the others. The next day, Tsubasa and Yu face each other in battle, Yu complaining he’d had enough of Masamune talking like he was above him. Miguel Morant Spain dub. Leone VS Eagle” Transcription: They try again, but it still has no effect. Once she has left, they meet Benkei and they all salivate at the thought that there is going to be a lot of delicious Chinese food there, so they hurry to Chinatown.

Both beys clash again and Herculeo again enters the cyclone point and launches a cyclone attack, but Pegasus survives again. Julian uses Black Excalibur and Dashan uses his special move, Crushing Blast, and both special moves clash. Galaxy Pegasus can now be removed from the block of rock, and an overwhelming light shoots from Galaxy Pegasus into the universe, in the direction of the Pegasus Constellation. Ziggurat launches Spiral Capicorn to destroy the tables. Watch Now on Prime Video. Ziggurat comes in and tells them that Faust was created through the arrangement and is the strongest blader.

Team Gan Gan Galaxy wins and Tsubasa collapses on the ground, to the team’s dismay. The Eagle beast transforms into a Dragon-like bird, which swirls around the stadium, frightening all of the audience and leaving Hikaru traumatized, reminding her of L-Drago.

Patrizio Prata as Benkei Hanawa. Ziggurat tries to stop him. Damian says he’s done with Destroyer’s right rotation and uses his special move, Hades Eipsode, winning the first match. Tsubasa then calls out to Gingka and explains that she wanted to keep the match going until Pegasus’s power is completely drained. Jack regrets that his true masterpiece couldn’t be fulfill at the World Epidode.

Masamune then gives his thanks to the elderly man for teaching him how to defeat Chao Xin.


Wales, Sophie, and Klaus comes to help Gingka stop Dr. Julian appears to be very confident, despite being in a 3 vs.

Benkei also complains because he really wanted Chinese food, and Chi-yun Li, metaal short Blader, grants his wishes by presenting two chefs just waiting for him. The cloaked figure then jumps behind them and prepares to launch his bey, quickly defeating the group. Jack starts shaking, saying he wants to battle. Masamune tries again, but it has no effect and him and Striker gets pushed back again. Beyblade Metal Fusion, Vol. Gingka goes for another attack, but Pegasus is sent back again.

Actas 12 episodes eps 53, 55, 59, 61, 65, 67, 71, 73, 78, 84, 90, 96 Picture Magic 8 episodes eps 56, 62, 68, 74, 80, 86, 92, 98 Studio Add 8 episodes eps 52, 58, 64, 70, 81, 88, 94, Wish 9 episodes eps 54, 60, 66, 72, 77, 83, 89, 95, Sponsor: Ryuga metaal after watching the final round on top of a building. Cinzia Massironi as Chi-Yun Li. Meanwhile, Ryuga used L-Drago to free Pegasus from the sand and tells Gingka to defeat Julian, saying that one reverse rotating is enough in this world and disappears.

Even so, Tsubasa regains control as Eagle runs wild, smashing into everything. After 7 ties Gingka says that that is useless. Both of them begin to talk back to each other heatedly, and both end up wanting to battle the other. Damian says that the scientists at HD Academy created the bey just for him. Satoshi Hino as Kyouya Tategami. Despite the loss, Chao Xin’s fangirls cheer on him as Chao Xin does not care if he lost, making Masamune angry since more people were cheering for Chao Xin, who lost, instead of him, but on the other hand, Team Gan Gan Galaxy cheer and hug Masamune on his win.

Both competitors put up a fierce fight with their respective beys, Epiisode Zurafa and Galaxy Pegasus, but in the end Gingka emerges the victor and his team advances to the next round.


Episode 5 Final Battle! Zeo tries to make Striker have a ring out, but Masamune sends Ray Striker into the air to attack Byxis.

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David Reale as Tsubasa. Ian tells Gingka to prepare to face his Cyclone Herculeo in a cyclone battle. Yan Gesteira as Chi-Yun Li. After he failed, he created the arrangement system to make bladers reach their limits.

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Julian picks up Gravity Destroyer mster launches it in left rotation. Damian has a mental breakdown, unable to accept bleblw had lost again, despite all his arraignment, and unable to understand how he lost, and passes out.

Tsubasa grapples with his dark powers during a match that brings up old memories. Yu amster loudly to anyone who will listen about how even if he wins against Tsubasa, he’ll only be the sub member of the team. He falls from where he’s standing but Masamune catches him.

Everybody starts to think that Gingka was going to win but then Selen told him that the fact is that she has never been defeated in a knockout battle before, not even once. Watch Now on Prime Video. Gingka tries to make sure not to let this happen and strikes back, but to no avail. Hikaru objects, and points out that as the Director of the WBBA, Ryo isn’t allowed to join the team according to the rule book.

Masamune and Gingka do several childish challenges to blfble who is better: It’s not too bad. Gingka, Masamune, and Madoka are rewarded medals and a trophy for winning the tournament. Ziggurat visit Toby before the final round.