Las Vegas Bad Girls Club 4: Your name or email address: Face not cute enuff. She can’t take the total blame for her ignorance because she doesn’t know any better, hopefully she’ll learn from more experiences with gays. Oh and the scum of the earth. One of the twins is nice and calm, the other one is kind of mean. I feel like ill either LOVE chrisitna or hate her.

Alicia and Jasmine have been shading each other on twitter, I guess they didn’t get along in the house. Lauren is dumb as fuck for telling Kat that! Families The Biggest Loser 7: What’s with these new ppl always wanting to send someone home? Beatrice seemed cool, but didn’t get much of a feeling for her yet and Ally we have yet to see in action. Just watched Jela’s ustream and I have 2 things to say i think kat and jasmine started that fund to because they got the bill from production for the damaged stuff. People are threatening to jump Jass on twitter..

So it’s nitpicking when Jela calls her out for saying the n-word but it’s not when she does dumb shit to piss people off? The Chain Reaction 2 Endurance: And her being up the twins ass makes me dislike her more. Did anyone acknowledge the fact that they let a security guard attack me? My earlier post was spot on I guess. Originally Posted by Kaneoheboy She came and told them what was said because they would’ve had an issue if she didn’t, so since she did that means she’s guilty and was hiding something?

One of the twins is nice and calm, the other one is kind of mean.


Jela confirmed the dogs went home after the twins birthday, which proved jenna wasn’t lying when she aiad the dogs weren’t even there. Jela’s kind of cool, but she needs to be knocked off her pedastal.

People are threatening to jump Jass on twitter. How can she tell Kat she should’ve had Jas’s back when the fight happened? You must log in or sign up to reply here. I’m not really mad at Bgv14 sending Tina home.

The twins should never wear their hair back. Wahiba Sands Survivor V: But Tina is weak af for leaving without even the smallest amount of a fight.

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That was a health risk on its own. Jelaminah has since posted a Tumblr letter explaining what really happened behind the scenes and revealed that she was hospitalized and attacked by a security guard.

Do you realize that the water Shannon pulled out shoes and purses out of was full of their bodily fluids. New Orleans Bad Girls Club: And Jasmine, one of the ringleaders behind the property showdown, has since written about karma.

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Game Bgf14 Survivor Also Jela’s comment about gays Guatemala Survivor 12 Panama: Face not cute enuff. Sep 1, It’s about time someone said it: This Jersey girl they got coming next week looks like death. All Stars Big Brother 7: Jass is going to get her ass beat. This of course was said today by Jasmine herself on twittershe said she’ll be bringing her sister and some friends to the reunion to handle business.


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Los Angeles Bad Girls Club 2: Gen X Survivor I’m just thinking like, no. Major Arcana Endurance 5: Thread Tools Show Printable Version. The girls are fresh faces. Though Kristin is a very me, me, me sort of epidode she blends in well with the other on this panel and its not as annoying to me compared to previous season reviews.

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I love how the twins dress. After all, this was what she admitted in her casting tape.

Also its interesting to see if the Jela and Jass drama messes with Mehgan and Erika’s friendship since Mehgan is friends with Jela while Erika is friends with Jass. Originally Posted by Shattered.

So far, Im feeling lauren only so far because her casting tape was pretty good and I’ve always liked the southern girls for some reason. We filmed for almost 4 weeks and made it to episode 7.

Any I the only one confused by how quickly Tina gave up and left? The replacement’s face looks like a pile of pig shit, but I like that she’s so bold. Exile Island Survivor Panama: Thomazon Big Brother 4: Girl you were sitting there right by Tina spectating.