Sho and his friends are in search of more ancient arenas and they find themselves in a very windy valley. See details for additional description. The kids eventually capture Bison who agrees to take them to where they believe the arena is. Jin accepts and defeats Task, who disappears after his loss. The first battle shown in the series is revealed to have been the battle between Flame and Tempest, with Flame hoping to bring the world to prosperity. The captain receives a distress signal Task defeats Jin and takes control of the second Master token. This is episode 3 of BeyWarriors:

Retrieved from ” https: Task hits rocks intentionally to trick Jin into getting trapped. Atsushi reveals that a gang of thugs has attacked their crops, and one of his friends blurted out he could smash a stone, so that’s why he wants to learn. They call on six BeyWarriors from other worlds to take up the mission of going to battlefields and restoring their powers through BeyRaiderz battes. Views Read Edit View history. Ricky plays along with Moot at first, but eventually he proves that the only way to be successful is by being honest and trying your hardest. In search of another arena and the Sacred Garden, Sho and his friends meet a young man named Atsushi.

Beywarriors Cyborg – Special 2: Sho and Jin each manage to get one more token, giving each team 3, but when Jin’s BeyRaiderz flips over and becomes unable to battle, it allows Leon to keep Jimmy distracted while Sho collects the other two tokens with ease.

Beywarriors Beyraiderz Episode 4

This BeyRaiderz vehicle is one of a line of toys produced by Hasbro. Beyeaiderz 6 years ago. Sho then follows Rachel and Jimmy outside the city.

Sol Blaze, the Scorching Hot Invader. After each BeyWarrior gets one token, tactics are changed where Sho battles Jin in a battle of speed while Jimmy and Leon battle to keep the others from getting the tokens.

Surprisingly Sho’s Ifrit recovers from beyraider stratosphere blow and evens it up at 3 tokens a piece. This page was last edited on 4 Februaryat It looks like an elongated. Sho and his friends climb a mountain named Berkfast in a snowstorm. The three head to the next city, where Sho senses he is being followed. Il popolo del vento MangaMaster 4 years ago.


BeyRaiderz Episode 3 ToonDude7 5 years ago. Cartoon Network acted as the premiere station for episode 4 after airing a 4-episode marathon January Flame then announces the resurrection of beyraiserz Mythic Beasts to the world and commands the people to come to him at the Sacred Garden.

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A battle is done head-to-head within an arena. When Jimmy brings up the mysterious Kaiser, Jimmy changes the subject to dinner, almost as though he and Rachel are hiding something about Kaiser Gray. A tag-team battle is held with Sho and Ricky facing Leon and Jin.

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Sho and his friends climb a mountain in search of an ancient arena, beydaiderz they run into a treasure hunter named Bison who thinks they are after the same treasure that he is. There Sho once again senses he’s being watched. The arena has 7 tokens.

He challenges Sho to episoed battle, but Ricky says he was their first and should get first shot. However all six Mythic Beasts must have their guiding lights activated before the location of the Sacred Garden will be revealed.

The three boys lead rr trio to the cities lost coliseum, but they are followed by Armes Navy. In an unknown land, six guardian beasts provide protection and help cities to thrive through battles called BeyRaiderz. An unknown evil arises to take on the six guardian figures, forcing the six to unite.

Kaiser appears to have it won when he looks to be headed towards a token epieode, but Sho steals a token to even it up at Atsushi asks to become Jin’s student after seeing Jin smash a stone. Anime and Manga portal.


At the end of the battle the land is protected, but the guardians fall into a slumber. Flame reveals his BeyRaiderz is an earlier version of Ifrit that has the ability to use all the powers of each Mythic Beast. Folge 9 von Beywarriors: After the group makes it through a series of traps, they convince Bison to lead them gr the coliseum.

Having missed their ride, Kaz and the others hitch a ride with a space freighter, working in exchange for their passage. Ronin Dragoon turns into the second guiding light, and the group leaves for the third location. Sho, Rachel and Jimmy travel to another arena, and along the way Rachel recounts the history of the Six Mythic Beasts to an amazed Sho. This allows many natural disasters to occur, causing the land to lose its beauty and the people to forget about BeyRaiderz battles.

Jin knocks them to the ground and reveals he wasn’t chasing any of them.

FR Beyraiderz, une nouvelle bataille commence! The kids eventually capture Bison who agrees to take them to where they believe the arena is. Beyraiderz – 04 – Herausforderung YT. Upon learning Sho is also a BeyRaiderz Ricky issues a BeyWarrior challenge, so the two head for the lost coliseum arena. Sho confirms they are good, so Leon decides to trust the two. In the dungeons the spirits of the Mythic Beasts help Sho beyraiderrz the others escape.

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As Sho and his friends journey to find a new arena, Sho meets his old friend Jin Ryu. Beywarriors Cyborg – Episode 1: Views Read Edit View history. March 29, [4]. After the battle the scene shifts to Armes who has found another arena.