I wonder what the story of his mother was who had to cut ties with her family because of Mate.. And that swimming in Ma Te;s collarbone still cracked me up this time. The root of self. She created a password for Ma Te bring to the chairman not to become his son but to show the chairman that he finds true love after all what he is been through. Something commendable about this drama is its use of metaphors. I going to miss the moments in which I expected to see a new episode. And a lot of fangirling fans of other girls that they wanted to associate with JKS or even have the fan fiction that been dating with him will launch 3rd WW.

Ma Te never should have been in a position where he had to whore himself out to put a roof over his head. They discuss Mi Sook and Ki Suk tells him not to give up on the password and on his mother. The true meaning of the password was not only for Ma Te to find out, but for all the people involved especially to those people who did evil things because of hatred. I am curious as to how this will end. In the following scene, David puts up a big framed picture of Bo Tong in his room and this moment his brother calls him for a drink. Also think that Chairman is an absolute Casanova rather than Ma Te who actually only had ONE relationship in the whole drama which is with the first woman in real estate and a man of despicable character. Although he have enough confident and several person to backup him now.. It is only 2 episode left 16 episodes think.

The true meaning of the password was not only for Ma Te to find out, but for all the people involved especially to those people who did evil things because of hatred. The next two episodes will probably turn everything upside down! Na Hong Ran was so stupid for giving the Chairman the right to send away her own son in the care of someone. Jang Keun Suk such a great actor really handsome and gorgeous in this drama.

I valued and appreciated a lot your analysis. This is beautiful recap for such a sad and heart broken Episode. Kim Bo Tong escalated herself after seeing the suffer gloomy Dokgo Matte, from pinky toes — a small but important part of feet, to skate — an adjustment effort to be able to cope the cold and slippery situation.


Suniah Hahahahaha I love to see those rough bed scenes if those are permitted. Coming into this I just assumed that the adoptive mom was making the best out of a bad situation but I was wrong. JasminePancho I really love this drama from ep 1there always a twist in story, still we can’t predict how ending goes.

What is feet meaning in body existentialism perspective? A principal and values. Words are nothing to describe this absolutely amazing episode.

That he realizes how much of a fool he must have looked like. The plots and storyline of this drama are like metaphors.

Bio mom drops a bomb on Ma Te and then promptly hands the script over to a 12 year old. OMG I cannot wait for next Wednesday to come. And thinking of this episode brings tears to my eyes. Ma Te is overwhelmed by his situation whereas Hong Ran remains unchallenged but with a drop of glistening tear hidden somewhere beneath her mask. He never understood its meaning or the significance of the passages she marked out.

In the subsequent scene, Bo Tong uses the skating rink as the metaphor for their life and asks Ma Te to master the slippery floor and that if possible, she wishes to be epizode skating shoes! Anna Rewatching episode 14 again There’s already the seventh women, so if there’s going to be 10 i guess the 3 left would be ma te’s mom, the greedy hong yo ra, and the lovely bo tong.

Chairman had one wife who bore the eldest son currently CEO of MGthen he had a second woman who bore him another second son — David Choi, whom he promptly abandon both mother and child to marry HNR for her wealth. The root of self.

That even if he was abandoned by his real mother he still finds life worth living because of love. Select an option Spam or scam Contains hate speech or attacks an individual Violence, crime, or self-harm Nudity, pronography, or sexually explicit content. Suniah I cannot forget those erotic thoughts of Botong on dressed gooddeama chicken hahahahahaha.

Thank you for sharing. But he curtly tells her to shut up as he replies: The story was so good degree that now seems like a volcano ready to erupt. Who knows the last 2 parts amii episode 16 will be devoted to rough bed scenes hahahaha. She had becomes more greedy and mean towards Chairman son and Hong Yu Ra to episodd extent of punishing them by sending their child to a far away land.


Ma Te never should have been in a position where he had to whore himself out to put a roof over his head.

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MilkyDog okay, next please. But Botong has been loyal to Mate ever since.

Your recap helped me to understand better. The selection of the cast is excellent. Playlist 3 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4. Na Hong Ran gives two options to Ma Te: ROFL hahahaha someones keen. At that moment, the perfection and warmth of love spreads and makes you feel like the ice would break apart and a new sun would emerge. Ma Te invites Park Ki Suk to dinner.

This drama is just about my kind of lovey dovey!

Plus, I have Love Rain drama to watch for mussy mussy lovely love story…. When Na Hong Ran gloddrama Ma Te met each other, she has no more love to give, pain to show and sympathy to care for her son.

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Its true that Bo Tong should be the password happiness to Ma Te though, because she was the one who stayed with him during his ups and downs. I am curious as to how this will end. Minmin Bel Ami die-hard followers, kindly write your comments in the front page.

Adoptive mom gets he wish, that Ma Te is so emotionally crippled on the inside that he is in reality only an pretty face gooddramq Bo Tong will make sure she reminds him aki this for the rest of his life.

[Beautiful Man] Thoughts and Recap For Episode 14

I love the green coats that they are wearing it enhanced the ambiance, and the episodde love of Mate. A symbol that could help Matte to pass it without falling Nandini, Thanks a lot for this beautiful recap. Oh my goodness, the pain Mate felt seems crashing his soul.

Thanks for the recap. He looked so damn handsome in that scene: Please enter the character as shown in the image above.