Spirali — min Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi 7. Aegeon of Syracuse has come to Ephesus to seek his son, who went in search of his missing twin and mother months ago. Kvarkvare min Action, Comedy, War 8. Chyortova dyuzhina 81 min 6. IMDb user rating average 1 1. Namdvili tbiliselebi da skhvebi 85 min Comedy 8.

The Saplings 93 min Comedy 7. Bashi-Achuki min Adventure, Romance, War 7. Cucaracha 91 min Drama 7. Chidaobas ra unda Drama 8. The Enticement of Don Juan 91 min Drama 7. Unfortunately, Ephesus has just declared war on Syracuse, and will

Sabudareli chabuki 90 min Comedy, Romance 7. Gruz bez markirovki 92 min Action, Drama 5. Captain Nemo min Fantasy, Adventure, Action 7.

Dge ukanaskneli, dge pirveli 84 min Drama, Romance 7. Tojinebi itsinian 90 min Comedy, Musical, Romance 7. The Saplings 93 min Comedy 7.

The funny conspiracy helps Reziko to find his true talent and love of whole life. Nodar ManagadzeShota Managadze Stars: Na dikom brege min Drama 6. The story of Pascal Ichak, a larger-than-life French traveller, bon vivant, and chef, who falls in love with Georgia and a Georgian princess in the early s.

Chrdili gzaze min Drama, Romance 6.

IMDb user rating average 1 1. Pilatelistis sikvdili 85 min Action, Adventure, Crime 6. Vakhtang TabliashviliDevi Abashidze Stars: Petlya Oriona 85 min Sci-Fi 5.

Markos Alimyan, an outstanding oilman, has bequeathed all his wealth and possessions to his elder son – Smbat.


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To save Tasia, his bridegroom’s friends negotiate with the oppressor prince, but his is not enough. Grigoriy KoltunovVasili Levin Stars: Namdvili tbiliselebi da skhvebi 85 min Comedy 8. An expedition achui dispatched to find the mysterious monster roaming the seas. Chaos 97 min Drama 4.

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In his tough journey to get the saplings, Luka gives Kakha lots of life lessons. Didostatis Marjvena meore seria min Action, Drama, History 7. Kvarkvare is wrongly accused of activities against the Tsar and is imprisoned, but the Socialist Revolution makes him an imposter “hero”. Hiding Reziko’s failure in conservatory entrance exam from his mother and grandmother, Reziko and his father team up with toy manufacturer. The Enticement of Don Juan 91 min Drama 7.

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Prime Video Rent or Buy 1. Keti DolidzeSiko Dolidze Stars: He and his doctor soon slip out of reality and Tsutisopeli 87 min Drama, Romance, War 8. Movi DarsavelidzeGiga Lortkipanidze Stars: Three crew members learn it to be an advanced submarine crewed by free men and headed by Captain Nemo.

Naznachayeshsya vnuchkoy min War 7. Koroghlu 96 min Biography, Drama, History 7. Young journalist Evgeniy Maslovskiy is sent to tugboat, where the crew consists only from women.


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Komediya oshibok TV Movie min Comedy 7. Nikolay KoshelevValentin Morozov Stars: Knowledge obtained from his father and his personal qualities help Gogita on his difficult way towards professional success and beautiful Tebrole’s heart.

Blinded with the authority, he goes to far in his avenge against the whole village. V toy oblasti nebes min Drama 6. Historical drama about Italian struggle for independence in 19th century, centers around young revolutionaries and the difficult choices they have to make. Not Rated min Drama, History. A strange phenomenon has been noticed on the outskirts of our Solar system that quickly approaches the Earth.

Determined to marry pretty Tasia, prince Avtandil abducts ahcuki from her wedding upon the pretext onllne she will be his maid. Bashi-Achiki is a hero in personal and patriotic battlefields during an uprising against Persian conquerors.

Jvartsmuli kundzuli 85 min Drama, War 4. Once honest and decent, Smbat starts in Their adventures continue aboard the amazing submarine.

Unfortunately, Ephesus has just declared war on Syracuse, and will It’s called “Orion’s Loop.