When the guys said they had spotted the guy they were after Daryl thought about leaving but stayed and then saw how it was they were going to kill. Greg March 30, at 7: They start beating Rick while the creepy pedophile pulls Carl out of the car. Personally I think they should have shown more of what Rick did, but watching the impact it had on Carl was impressive. Rofbg Jose Santiago March 30, at Cannot wait for October. Well… As right as it can be with walkers walking about. Desmon Palmer March 31, at 4:

Justin Mitchell March 30, at 7: How about Rick redeeming himself after the ass whooping he took from The Governor glad he was able to stop that guy from hurting Carl anymore than he did. I was thinking something crazy was going to happen, and was suspicious of the meat, but when I saw the human bones I knew they were planning to eat them. I thought this episode was about Hershel trying to convince Rick to become a Vegeterian, but I guess Rick felt the withdrawal to strong and took a bite our of crime. I still think the most shocking clip in this episode is when Rick slaps down that plate of BBQ Beth…. Their ability to mask her was just an unintended bonus.

Great writers and all the actors did a great role on their own character.

Episode 416: A – Recap and Discussion

Alex convinces the sniper to set his gun down. Brothers united Traveled to Terminus to find only a trap. First of all I am a huge fan of the walking dead! Melissa O’Donnell Caar 31, at 5: They start beating Rick while the creepy pedophile pulls Carl out of the car.


The names of the sacrificed in the room? The flashbacks gave an awesome perspective. Well instead of getting just a few cannibalsthey got boxed in by a bloody tribe of them. Season 5 will be here before I know it. I hope Terrence Carol and Judith can sense its bad or atleast i hope there not there!

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It probably is Beth. Still gonna watch though. I am wondering though if he is going to recognize Tara?? We flashback again to Hershel. Maybe that means it said everything it needed to and I was just being greedy. Court TV now truTV.

When they enter through the back, the first thing they see is the woman on the radio that they heard oh so many episodes ago in the car. This and The Grove were the best episodes this season I think. Wil Volz March 30, at 7: Or will they just make up a story? The only thing I want to know is the A theme at Terminus. Our group runs through the compound, being corralled by gun fire and locked doors. Rick looks to be gearing up to go all out badass next season!

I hope Beth is ok!!

Him walking into their camp knowing that he had the upper hand was one of the strongest parts of the comic, to me. Terminus was definitely a weird, creepy, death trap.

Bait Car (TV series) – Wikipedia

Few things I took from the finale: Rick pleads for them to let Carl go as the creepy one pins him to the ground. I love you guys! Season two of the show premiered in August on truTV, and season three premiered in June Acting, story, character development and the action. Ricks found his balance, the right blend of humanity and brutality. And as I thought of Merle I was in tears.


Steven Barnes March 30, at 7: Otherwise awesome finale and atlantaa season, I truly appreciate the effort made by everyone on this atlanya to keep TWD unique and spectacular.

Wait, so your 13 year old watched a man get torn apart by zombies, zombie killing, a kid almost raped, a throat ripped out, and cannibalism but the f-bomb was the line in the sand? Chris March 30, at 7: I look forward to each and every second of it and absolutely cannot wait to see what is to come in future seasons. Rita Mabrey March 31, at 6: This season had time to let us know a little bit more about each one and even have a little dream of sanctuary in the midst of total chaos.

For me, this was the best episode of the series so far. March 31, at Michonne was mentally gone until she met Andrea, Rick, and Carl.

Rick and Carl are farming, Beth is with Judith, Hershel is helping out. Viva la Incredible Rick!