He started to maintain a diary and he continued with it to his dying day. He had a useful library consisting mostly of religious and spiritual books. Why ask this particular question? To rule, to maintain an army, to progress in industry, to cultivate the land and to study science and its inventions, these arc all matters which should incline man towards Allah, and fana with God has to be the Stimate aim. This is a very easy job, as even our beginners are capable of it. He slept for only three or four hours daily and the rest of the time he was either reading or writing or was busy in religious exercises. When the Qur’an says: Whether it was a party of friends, a marriage function, Eid, Baqra-Eid, a musical party or a pleasure trip, he showed equal interest in it.

In July 37 he went to Lucknow, and stayed the whole night at Tila. He was a darwesh in the true sense. If some time is left over from mashaghils, let that time be well spent in the remembrance of Allah which is best for us. Our pleasure lies in His pleasure. The accusation of Hama Ost pantheism is also not correct. He was deeply attached to Jinnah. In shifting from one to another house one takes at least fifteen days to settle down in the new place. He also attended the mazars.

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And if you do so, what use would it be to you? Similarly, the words of the auliya too have special effects and when these very persons later peruse their writings, their hearts too are affected.

Very patiently and calmly he would attend the dargah and mix with his friends normally.

He had all kinds of books in his library including scientific books and they were all well kept, nicely covered with their titles mentioned on each cover. But now and then they were to be seen. But the knowledgeable persons know the real secret that, in order that the boy may start to dislike the habit, the buzurg had to create the same dislike within himself so that he could then transfer that state to the boy.

But, of course, you will only ask about controversial matters which serve no purpose at all.

They were all maintained properly and neatly. Thus, I would say that this knowledge is HIm-i- ladunn? This did not bother him and since he was then at breakfast, he asked the Police officer to wait till he finished his meal. There he sustained an injury in his leg for which an unknown person visited him daily to bandage and treat his wound. The Spiritual Journey with w.


Many persons tried to make him say his namaz but he would make the reply that he had no time to spare. That kind of exhibition was called pettiness by him. He never asked those busy in trade matters or servicemen to forego their duties.

Just before he died, he had compiled the details of his life from this very diary. That is why the followers of those religions wward that to be engrossed fully in meditation in forests and on hilltops was the pinnacle of achievement for man. The unhealthy matter was being thrown out by my system due to the heat generated by the gur. There were two brothers, one was rich and the other poor. At the bai33at of ten he went with his family for hajj and had the opportunity of presenting himself before Haji Imdadullah who caressed him on the head and prayed for epusode.


We have very few details of his personal life as he never advertised himself. Kindness Towards the Sinners. Such a method is sanctioned by the Prophet. During that period he had a number of peculiar experiences. This is called suluk wsrd the science of spiritualism.

bai3at al ward episode August 25, –

Hazrat gave him a pan betel leaves from his sachet, he took it respectfully and sought his permission to chew it. He then sent for a copy of the Arbitration Act and studied it lest there remain a lacuna in whatever he was to decide.

In reply, the Shah Sahib asked the jogi to repeat his karamat. This was his last meeting with that gentleman. As soon as Hazrat Jalaluddin received the reply, he went into a hai spiritual ecstasystarted to dance and tear off his clothes with blood flowing from his body.

He knew where everything he needed was and all things required by him were kept in their places ak could be retrieved without any difficulty. Aard ease comfort and luxuries, human desires gain the upper hand and the man goes farther from Allah.

He then shifted to Qanauj where he died. The Companion pleaded lack of ability to undertake the task. He would explain to his friends the benefits of Ramadhan and said: But the Creator has put them together in a compact form Man with intelligence aqt to maintain a balance among the conflicting constituents, so that Man may reach his destination.


If he found any of his things disarranged, he knew that someone had meddled with them. The followers did accordingly- When Shah Sahib reappeared, he asked them elisode smell the two twigs; the twig dipped in the water of the jqgi smelt of excreta and the other of beautiful mushk. It once happened that when he was starving for seven days, he asked a friend to lend him some money and that man refused.

Hazrat feigned anger and said that he would not give him a charm as he had called his own fether a sala. He thus reached a high spiritual status in due course.

On his return, Hazrat stayed in Ahmadabad for a day and met Mr. Before the Fajar namaz, he would practice the Shaghal- i-saut-i-sarmadi under water for forty five minutes. Then he went to Ajmer where he saw in a ru’ya that the Khwaja Sahib gave him a golden turban. The verse says that one should become an abd worshipper or slave. Aal-i-rasul, the Dewan of Ajmer was also in the sarnc train. While bai3ah, such appeared to be the comfortable living of Haji Sahib, he nevertheless used to fast for days at a time.

Or would you like it that whatever has been gained by you be added in their list of good deeds and we collect their evil? There he felt at peace and he made a request at the mazar to be allowed the tutelage of a shaikh who would see him through spiritual training. And, of course he could not create such a hatred within himself if he did not give up the habit first.

The Commission having been a up he shifted to the Settlement Department for some baii3at. When he decided to give up the world and turned bxi3at God, he gave up his prosperous business and went away to Ajmer, never to return.

He then returned to Ajmer after visiting Uch. He called himself only Syed Muhammad.