Such comments cheapens the marriage and portrays yoruba men atleast as chauvinistic gluttons with serious ego problem who cares about themselves and their own needs. Please,are we really that? Demilade is not given good training and it affects her in her marital life. Sound of Poverty Producer and Dire Is that all that marriage is? This flick is so damn preachy with it’s story.

Married to a young banker, Biola Richardo Agbor , who loves women who can cook and do the house chores. The film was started with an establishment shot. Her friend comes to her marital home every day to prepare her food. There has to be more to marriage than just what goes into the belly of men. Oh well and YES, Naija men too like food. The plot just revolved around the husband’s belly needs, right after the marriage. Biola finds out and makes a plan to marry the house help who Demilade latter finds out was asked to play such role in the lives of the couple.

There has to be more to marriage than just what goes into the belly of men. Does anyone know if it is out yet?

The extremely mivie shot, long shot, medium long shot, medium shot and medium close-up were used in moive shooting of the film. A young lady,Demilade Funke Akindelea university undergraduate brought up by a single mum, Mrs. But it works well as a movie directed at a very young audience years to preach to them about the importance of mkvie their future husbands Forums New posts Search forums.

And that goes on everyday. Throughout the film the camera was on the mid angle. After marriage becomes a full time housewife, she found out her own ways of doing the chores with the help of the house help. Demilade is not given good training and it affects her in her marital life. Where is my food?


This incidence caused Demilade to look for a solution by hiring a cook to teach her how to prepare different kinds of food.

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Yoruba movie: aye olomo kan. cos it teaches girls lesson.

The treatment of the marriage institution in this flick is quite shallow,innacurate and only ended up trivialising it. I don’t like the way Mocie Akindele depicted naija men in this flick as both egoistic and a bunch of gluttons who marry women just for the express use of satisfying their gluttony.

Zoom in and out was used to emphasize on certain events and persons. Media New media New comments Search media. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Caution should be taken while bringing them up especially the females. Sound of Poverty Producer and Dire She asks for forgiveness from her husband and they lived happily ever after.

I think it did,and quite unabashedly too. While there is no denying how important for married women to know how to cook in modern day nigeria,but abeg,this movie kinda exagerate the whole it-is-important-to-know-how-to-cook-for-your-husband thingy. As for the importance of learning cooking skills,is that even an issue in this day and age amongst the adolscenece and adults? Funke Akindele is backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk: The transition used all through the film was the cut transition.

While i understand the need to teach the importance of home economics,but why misrepresent the marriage institution this way? Abike Well-Known Member Jun 6, This is because charity begins at home. Abike Well-Known Member Jul 26, I guess that is what the audience wants All in all,an okay flick. I believe akindele just betrayed her own gender with this movie.


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The film ended with Demilade learning how to cook well and continued her relationship with her husband. No juju i hope The film was started with an establishment shot.

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Married to a young banker, Biola Richardo Agborwho loves women who can cook and do the house chores. Your food is served,dear. This is the only message i got from the movie.

Everyday costume was used throughout the movie.

Thread starter Abike Start date Jun 6, She did not do the menfolk much good either. Yes na, sewun elewun! The movie was one of olono kind Mo gbadun every single bit! Parents should teach their children how to be independent. Mofie gets stranded when the food prepared for her by her friend before she embarked on a journey. Status Not open for further replies. Broda Vince, I must disagree with you that the movie painted men as food lovers. What’s new New posts New media New media comments Latest activity.

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