He’s waiting for you to say something. Thank you for asking. So there was this guy. Bailey Parker’s the new and improved version of Jenna. I need a date to prom. I was convinced I didn’t know who I wanted to be. Hart, attached is my paper.

And if you tell anyone I’m having this soft side moment, I swear I will cut you. I’m not gonna take out my hoo-ha. Because there was no paper. So I was left with only one last resort– procrastination. I’m gonna wear a colored tux to prom. Notify me of new posts by email.

Which I got so we can stay up all night and watch pay-per-view. Besides, I have to finish my paper this weekend, and I haven’t even started. You asked us to give you permission to torture us. We suspect you’ve withheld some pertinent information about Matty and Bailey. Is it time for the talk?

And if you tell anyone I’m having this soft side moment, I swear I will cut you. You know what’s awesome about Fred?

Awkward s03e20 Episode Script

I’m just trying to help my parents get to know you. Why are you episod The pleasure was all mine. Not if I was already living in la-la land. No, but I wasn’t nearly as brave as you are. I am just trying to give you some pointers on how to avoid first-time pain.


Awkward.: Season 3 – Ep. 20 ‘Who I Want To Be’ | MTV

I’m totally cool with you wearing a pantsuit. I don’t hate you, Collin. Damn, tuxes are a pretty penny. Babe, you’ve gotta keep the animal to a minimum on the dance floor. I dropped my friends, second-guessed my instincts. And then, he was torn apart, lambasted as a one-hit wonder. He’s an Asian kid who doesn’t play an instrument, doesn’t get particularly good grades, and he might wanna go to art school.

Objectively, you don’t know everything. It’s not that big of an age difference. I took your words of wisdom to heart. What the hell are you doing? It’s– it’s– it’s– that is if business school doesn’t work out. I can easily make this awkware all day, or you can end the pain and just go to prom together.

But that wasn’t the question. And why is that stupid? Either way, I felt bamboozled.

Jenna’s beige and neon striped sweater on Awkward

I am struggling with some strange romantic feelings. He was maybe a few years older than you. I will have to think it over. Prom, I don’t know what I’m gonna do about it. I was convinced I didn’t know who I wanted to be. Kevin and Lacey I want to be someone who cares more about other people than themselves.

And the night comes with a lot of pressure, and you don’t have to do anything that compromises who you are. I’m not talking about that old perv. Liss, I think I’m in love. Forgive yourself like you forgave me. He’s a great guy, but Jenna, you are my only friend.


You really think that joke is worth it? Anyway, you’re almost there, and in 20 more minutes, you’ll finally look good in that dress. Can you help me?

He was the writer of his own ruin because he thought he could do no wrong until he wrote his second novel. I was true to my word. Don’t say “Magic night. Hart shares a personal experience with her but more importantly, he opens her eyes with his message. But I’m a dick who has a method to his madness.

It’s not like I actually believe that Episodee in love with him or anything.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. He just likes me for me. Sorry, forgot to give her the memo. I’m the one who got your hopes up.

But that would be inappropriate.