Hank breaks down when he sees a patient from his past. A curious new case unfolds: Also, Jamie and Eddie help a woman who bought cheap insulin online that nearly killed her son; Frank goes against the wishes of the archbishop to take down a man he believes is laundering money from a charity; and Erins ex-husband asks her for help with an assault and robbery case. Meanwhile, Rollins goes into labor. With her access to US bases, Kate could be poised to carry out a devastating attack. And as leaked information threatens the ongoing investigation, lives are being put at risk. Gordon makes an unusual grooming suggestion to Bortus. Schneider tries to hide his wealthy background from Avery.

Pike receives new intel on Spock from a loyal friend. Fam Jolene, Jolene Fam Episode 5 – “Jolene, Jolene” After Clem and Nick tell Shannon she cant go to a music festival on a school night, Shannons long-absent mother, Jolene, comes back into her life and tries to undermine them. Clare and Quayle consider their future. Samantha revisits her past. Carmen and her allies gun for Victor and all the other loose ends before heading home. Although Caitlin sides with Jay and deems it too dangerous, Iris shows her support with a surprising ally. Ultimately his attentions turn to Tilly.

Meanwhile, Minas past comes to light when her mother, famous Nigerian surgeon Dr. Horrified, the kids try to convince him otherwise. The Flash Memorabilia The Flash Episode 12 – “Memorabilia” When Sherloque wants to use a memory machine on Barry and Nora to help gain access to Graces memories, Nora panics, fearing her parents will find out the secrets shes been keeping from them.


Slings and Arrows S02 – Ep02 Fallow Time HD Watch

Madam Secretary Proxy War Madam Secretary Episode 13 – “Proxy War” When innocent Syrian children are killed by an American-made cluster bomb, Elizabeth races to figure out what went wrong before Russia can use it as an excuse to escalate its military presence in the region.

Mos debts watcj back to haunt him.

Can Joe discover the moles identity before its too late? As MI5 scramble to identify his role in Operation Glass, Joe Lambe becomes obsessed with the reappearance of his nemesis, the Soviet agent codenamed Odin. Meanwhile, Betty drops a bomb on Owen and Amelia. Manifest Cleared for Approach Manifest Episode 13 – “Cleared for Approach” Michaela uses her skills as a detective to find out more about Zeke, a hiker who disappeared for two years and may be one of them.


Alan cant remember his first death, so Nadia follows him over the course of his night. Ray tries to help on the big night, but his attention to detail puts a major crimp in JJs evening. inline

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Lisa has an empire of beauty salons in Newcastle and a caring family in husband, Ross, and sister Sadie. When Cisco gets a vibe of Eobard Awtch, Barry and the team don’t believe it.

Added on February 19, Ben becomes a mentor to Levi as he tries to learn how men behave on land. As he tries to keep the peace, Pete grows increasingly trapped between the two most important women in his life.

In an attempt to connect with Lily, Mitch and Cam get invited to an exclusive event for her favorite vlogger. Also, Wolowitz, Bernadette, Anu and Koothrappali turn Koothrappalis canceled bachelor party into a couples trip. In the Season Two finale, Zoom reveals his true plan and Barry vows to do whatever warch takes to stop him.

Project Blue Book The Green Onlune Project Blue Book Episode 6 – “The Green Fireballs” After mysterious green fireballs nearly cause nuclear disaster during a weapons test, Hynek and Quinn must investigate wacth this could have occurred, each with altering theories as to whats really going on.

Meanwhile, Kit gives dating advice to a sex-injured patient, Irving hits a crossroads in his not-so-secret relationship with Nurse Jessica, and Bell decides to celebrate the day in the OR. Then, Bruce is concerned about Selinas recent behavior. Section 31 is assigned to help track down Spock, much to Pikes dismay.

Escape At Dannemora Part 5 Escape At Dannemora Episode 5 – “Part 5” On the day of the escape, Matt and Sweat know the smallest mistake can derail their whole plan, but when a stern corrections officer takes over the post in the tailor shop and fellow inmate Murder gets out of the Special Housing Unit, Matt seems attracted to the danger. Tillys overeagerness lands her in trouble but when the planet – and Discoverys landing party – are threatened, onlinf curiosity may be the one thing that can save them.


While home, Nias mother encourages her daughter to embrace her destiny. Into The Dark Down Into The Dark Episode 5 – “Down” A pair of office workers get trapped in an elevator over a long Valentines Day weekend, but what at first promises to be a romantic connection turns dangerous and horrifying. Rosehaven Episode 5 Rosehaven Episode 5 – “Episode 5” Emma is at home, sick, and feeling very sorry for herself.

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Charmed Witch Perfect Charmed Episode 11 – “Witch Perfect” Watcb is eager to share the information she has learned with her sisters, but is thrown by their reaction to the news. Board of Education decision. Fiona has a dark encounter at Patsys that scares her into cleaning up her act.

Episode 4 Strike Arros Episode 4 – “Revolution: Murdoch Mysteries Sins of the Father Murdoch Mysteries Episode 14 – “Sins of the Father” Murdoch investigates an apparent arson death, and reveals a personal history in the process.

But s2s2 the hour of reckoning fast approaching, can Beth hold her nerve? With Prices disappearance, Steve is confronted by a DEA agent who claims to be her handler hellbent on bringing down the cartel. The Turners oversee a measles vaccination trial at the clinic, but are concerned by an overly anxious first-time mother.

Black-ish Dreamgirls and Boys Black-ish Episode 12 – “Dreamgirls and Boys” Dre and Bow struggle with the changing times of identity politics and gender neutrality.

Meanwhile, Amelia visits Lucy Purcells best friend in hopes of gaining insights into the whereabouts of the mysterious one-eyed man.

The virals gain power over the facilitys staff, leading Richards and Wolgast to reunite so they can take down a rogue soldier. Running a double agent artow a perilous game, and Joe must convince the team to trust his own instincts about Arkady. Out searching for Oatmeal, Nadia befriends a homeless man.