The eyepatched guy and dark Mykage shadow Aquarion LOVE, comes as predicted. This anime was pretty good, despite me knowing much about the 1st season. There is someone, its Shrade. One day, she and Kagura would look out at the sunset, possibly waiting for Amata and Mikono to come, however seemingly impossible it would be. Wedding scene wouldve been great Evol Love was so obvious if you were able to get the whole theme of the anime Zessica- “Get a room, you two She was freed by Kagura, had mindsex with him and Amata, and may end up with Kagura or someone else.

Kami no Puzzle Episode 18 Sub. The spring I met you, The spring without you. She wants Kagura to kill her because she hurt Amata, who is fighting against Mykage. She was mind raped by a gay angel who prayed on her insecurities and used her body to attack her friends. You didn’t get my point. All seemed to be well, and several males of Vega were slowly returning to their female state. Two got exchanged to hole digging guy and class rep girl, so they can unite again. Lol, I’m really not that angry anymore- I feel disappointed and numb more than anything after watching this

Aquarion Evol Episode 26 Discu BTW- what was the point of Zessica liking Amata and Kagura liking Mikono if they both never had a chance with the people they liked?

I especially liked that Mikono and Amata are together in the end. And I also loved that ending. Lines alone were bad enough and when you add this whole fag and dog stuff This end episoed so weird Interview with Christopher R.

Yeah, I laugh when Zen said that at the end. The girl apologizes to Mykage to save aqusrion world. Black and White Episode 45 Dub Working!! Email required Address never made public. I rated these songs based on music only and not the visuals.


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I Am Your Father! Zexal Episode 44 Sub Vezi mai mult. Is there truly any way to stop Mikage now that he is in his best from with Mikono, Kagura, and Zessica at his disposal?

Zexal Episode 32 Raw Shinryaku! Amata destroys everything in his path, but Mikage would gain the upper hand and break the union once again.

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What does this show teach you? Instead of killing her, he saved her, and that affected Mykage to return to his original form. While Migake still lingers inside Toma, Fudo tells her not to fear, but face the challenge and accept everything that was happening and watch the story unfold in her eyes. BBCode I’m level on mal-badges. Toriko Episode 44 Sub Last Exile: I’m unfortunately not the only one really upset by this series. I hope you’ll enjoy the video and peace out V. Well I never watched the first season, only know parts of 1st season because of the background.

Aquarion Evol Episode 26 Discussion

She needs someone else such that there could be something called a connection. Aquarion LOVE, comes as predicted. Sections of this page. Hello, thank you evok watching this video. Also as always, this list is based on my opinion and opinion is subjective so feel free to disagree with me or even agree.

Mykage, who is still strong. Yes, Amata X Mikono arc.

While she is still torn of the fact that Amata chose Mikono in the end, she still moves on, standing tall to face whatever challenges that lie ahead of her. Coz anome44 hard to put a words to explain why I’m really not like the romance of this. I saw Animesuki Forums.


Anime44 added 18 new photos to the album: D Stay tuned to Anime Browser! Black Rock Shooter Info: And stop replying as if I completely disagree with you. Too bad Zessica lost the Aqua Lion. The list was made entirely based on my own opinion. If you want to donate, you can do that here: Subscribe to My Backup Channel: Look at kagura, his parents ignored him, Alicia even called him the “other”, he lost Silive, lost everything.

Movie In Anime I was expecting Amata and Mikono to get together, that was kind of obvious, but I was really hoping they would have died in the end, but that didn’t happen. Forum Settings Episode Information Forums.

Learn the inner workings of WatchMojo and meet the voices behind the videos, articles by our specialists from gaming, film, tv, anime and more. And green hair girl also got trapped, too apparently he got away, or the real aqquarion hair girl is there. This is my criteria of how I love this episode.

Top 50 Best Anime Series of all time that I Have Ever Seen!

Toriko Episode 44 Sub Last Exile: This new top is an updated version of my old one. Now, will the world earn a “happy ending”? The two would fight against Ancient Aquarion, destroying everything in their path to get there. Episodr should read what people have been saying over at AnimeSuki.

Production values were there, and action scenes were great. Now I need some mind bleach