Hi mate Im thinking of getting rid of the bio balls also. I spent about 10 hours getting this going on my Aqua One tank. Redsea max led. Neon Tetras dying off after introducing Log in or Sign up. The marisys seems to be simple and working waters spotless just my skimmers not always skimming.

Probably could have just as easily fed it straight into the overflow from the top but as I couldn’t see thru the dark plastic I had no idea how it would travel. Skimmer on a 55 gallon reef? There is nothing on YouTube either. Forum Mobile Apps for iPhone, iPad My nitrates are 5 ppm everything else is zero. Think some of those mods would actualy work but I think ur rite mate, am goin to look in to building s sump.

However may not be the same for every1. Never pulled anything out.

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Still got mine and has been a good first system to learn with but now upgrading. But that’s how I solved the issue.

Yes, my password is: I tried siphoning water from the tank into the rear of the head unit, to keep a constant flow. Any other ideas would be fantastic as the idea looks great just think the media in the setup needs tweaking.

I have gone over and over the instructions, pulled it apart and started again, I can’t seem to find what im doing wrong. I let this run like that for about 10 minutes then stopped the siphon flow.


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Its jst too noisy wat ever i try! The unit runs perfectly now, and has done for 3 days. This returned longer bursts. The obe is really nice but the pump has been very nosie. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

I ended up gettin rid of mine and getting an external filter and hang on skimmer. All times are GMT Is my Dalmation Molly pregnant?

aqua one, marisys 240 series 2. noise!

ShirleyFeb 2, Anyone out there use Seachem iron in Still same result although the aqus and water came a little faster, I continued to also add marisyys to the rear of the head unit. I have managed to quiten it down a bit by fiddling with the pump position and putting the unit on on towle, it seams to have worked. Aquacave After Christmas Sale Save Log in or Sign up. Im still left with 2 issues; 1 – The water coming down the pipes is making a lot of nose, i dont know what to do about this.

It appeared to be filling up slowly then releasing water and bubbles as it reached half way between the minimum and recommended markers. View the Vendor Directory.

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Redsea max led. Aqua one Marisys series 2 Hello, Seires purchased the Marisys series 2 protein skimmer, When the water returns to my tank its extremely bubbly, i’ve followed the troubleshooting in the instructions but cant seem to find the problem. From what I could find quickly on google it doesn’t look like aqya unit has a great reputation, though. The filter system seems to skim ok but i have been worried about the slow raise in nitrate levels in my tank ,i have just removed half of the bioballs and replaced with seachem matrix and hoping this will help.


New and Maeisys Products Searching the web, there is pretty much nothing explaining how to get this thing going, and I can truly understand people’s frustration. From what i can remember the return is 25mm and the inlet is 32 i think.

Skimmer on a 55 gallon reef? If anyone has any advise that would be wonderful: Think some of those mods would actualy work but I think ur rite mate, am goin to look in to building s sump. Forum Mobile Apps for iPhone, iPad For some reason the forum wont let me private message.

RedDiver came up with a home made baffle which did help a bit. Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience with that skimmer to be able to help you with seriws solution. If I was to change to a sump later, how nosie are they and what one would you recomend?