Would someone please be so kind and tell me the location of these two golden eggs? Wooot Congrats on the great score ixan57 , good job on the screen shot! Use all four birds to Highest score before bird was around 53K. This level was first available on Sunday, December 16th, If you’re interested in supporting AngryBirdsNest or RocketPond please contact us or check out our advertising rates. Please post any info you have in forum on self-destruction: Good luck, and happy flinging!

I already have 3 stars on each level of the whole trilogy and all the feathers too. Thanks everyone, I could have been at this all day and I have holiday baking to be done. Yeesh rat9 you were only supposed to flit and flutter round seasons Not take over the bloody place!! For , 1st chuck arc over to the side of the slab on top of middle tower. By the way, did anybody mention that it might make sense to shoot the first bird at the presents? Send the first bird into the presents below and the boomerang bird to the top left structure. And all I get for it is this crappy score.

Yellow bird continued on and hit the large vertical wood plank on the middle tower. I finally sent the yb to the presents, and still the right tower only leaned. I finally benefitted from abgry fortunate chain reaction.

Then I used the boomerang bird — flew him over the tall tower on the far right and crashed him into the bottom of the tower. This level was first available on Monday, December 17th, Two unremarkable shots with remarkable results. We are the go to place for walkthroughs, news, and much more.

That is one early Christmas present!


I have over thirty Top Scores there and you have my permission to come and take one. I think they changed the presents for the better, I usually get 5 out of 6 with this. Be sure to break all the presents in the cave below, as there is 18, points to be had there! Both right structures remain intact.

Best results are gotten hitting the lowest right vertical wood board in the left tower, Hal breaks the glass and the entire left tower falls right taking out both. winderham

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Thanks everyone, I could have been at this all day and I have holiday baking to be done. If it happens again I will just have to put YB into presents as they regularly produce 19K.

sinter Aim almost straight down, goal is to ricochet off the angled ice ramp that is supporting the slingshot. Kimmiecv and Kathy from the Bloated Pig are shaming me into playing Seasons.

I was able to fire the YB through the upports of the first tower to kill the remaining two pigs — 3 birds left for k!

First bird knocked everything over. Please make and detailed additions, differences for PC there. He was against it from the getgo and we persuaded him ever so gently. I hope you guys could help with this little problem i have. And all I get for it is this crappy score.

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So taking a break for some cheese and whine instead. Below is a list of all the Golden Eggs that are currently available in Angry Birds Seasons special thanks to AMslimfordy for compiling this list. Why are the Rovio Gods angry with me? I have had this level wiggle,wobble but never fall on its own. Any idea what might be happening?


I normally stay in Space. For days I kept resetting, waiting bires the right tower to fall. This level was first available on Tuesday, December 18th, The game is almost completed, but these two golden eggs locations makes me go crazy.

The Golden Egg will be on the White Bird instruction screen. The 3-star threshold today is quite low — actually a bit surprising — so our strategy is Ok, it seems to me that everything has been reinforced, had a tough time with all the standard strategies. Starting with Angry Birds Seasons v1. I wonderhqm downloaded seasons and was wondering how to find wondegham from the very beginning? One strategy is to send the Yellow bird straight ahead through the first structure, causing the main Send the first Red bird through the snow blocks under the Fling black bird towards the base of the first tower.

Long live RAT may he rest in flinging peace! A 0-birder which will require us to sezsons use Yellow for the gifts would take an even bigger amount of patience and luck. The boulders should run left with the last to birds on top smashing on ground. Nice to qonderham but a lousy score — only two stars. Yeesh rat9 you were only supposed to flit and flutter round seasons Not take over the bloody place!!