Kajri finds a sudden change in Riya’s behaviour. Purvi says, I would take you with me, but right now baba is at home as well. Jaggi closes the door, and he says he will make the room like him. Amit says, all his memories have been revisited…. I taught Arjun everything that you would want to. Amita gets angry with Kajri – Kajri gets caught by Amita late in the night as she was proceeding towards her evil plan. Amita buys time from her father – Amita pays a visit to her father’s home, where she tries to convince him to give her relationship with Amit some time.

He tells him, I met Pari today. She takes him where the cake is kept. They are happy to see Simran, and say she is very beautiful. He thinks will Simran say no to marriage for him. Ammu looks at all the preps and is in tears. New Nanny reveals to Amita and Amit that she is in search of work and

Were you going somewhere else Amit? He tells them about Urmila, that she had run away. Jaggi says you are staying alone. Falguni and Kirit’s Divorce plan – Krit and Falguni insist Amita and Amit to file a divorce against each other as things are not working out between them. Like 0 Dislike 0. Amita bribes him to reveal the truth He says just like that. He lies down with the photo.

She goes to him. Arjun asks her to stay where she is and he is going to pick her up now. They come home and no one seems to be happy seeing Arjun there.


Dk is worried for Arjun and he calls him.

They start the music and everyone gets into couple dancing. Arjun says, I am coming as soon as possible. Khanna says my daughter was small, when my wife passed away.

Amita gets to know about Ms. Episoe just meet Pari and leave. Onir says, I want them to get married as soon as possible. He should have at least called to intimate about the same. She takes the piece and wishes him. Himmat argues with him. Shalini says, thank God I suggested we go home first and change, otherwise you would bring us here in that wedding clothes.

Amita ka amit episode 197 5th november 2013

Why should I not be angry with him or scold him? Tau ji says they have told everything to them. He relates the story behind it. Rajveer asks him to leave as he is not interested in his talk. He tells him, I met Pari today. Riya comes up with a name She laughs at his answer. The fate is playing game with him. New Nanny reveals to Amita and Amit that she is in search of work and Amita is nervous as she is soon going to meet Amit.

After the call, Arjun asks Purvi if Pari is sick.

Amita Ka Amit Episode 5Th November

Amita expresses her anger over the previous incident Ammu smiles happily but then realises that Amit might have understood about the surprise party. Amiga reveals to Shah Family that someone Kajal’s Father in deep trouble – Amita takes extra care of Amit’s Grandmother. She smiles looking at him and they move towards the dance floor.


Riya’s final warning – Amita questions Kajri about the black magic act that is going eritten in the House. I guess he is angry with Ammu. Where did you get them from? He thinks of calling Dimpy. They are happy to get the answer from Simran and they say she has a beautiful voice.

The day begins with Amit injuring Amita’s wmit by throwing open the wardrobe door on her face. The women ask Simran more questions.

Khanna thinks and Rajender says if you have to say and ask anything, then go ahead. He also says, Manav stays very upset these days because Arjun signed divorce papers.

He smiles looking at her. Only 5 minutes are left for the clock ujne strike 12 lets cut the cake. Sign in Recover your password.

Hemant again asks for Amit Kumar. Ammu asks Batuk bhai if he called Amit. They keep peeping from their places to see if Amit is coming.