The show is nearing towards its end now. To ensure that Meesha doesn’t go to the fest, Meher gives huge amount of work to her. Meher is heartbroken due to her daughters. Mayer convinces Meesha to obey his mother to which she furiously denies. Close Window Loading, Please Wait! Bano, whose marriage was initially fixed with Saifullah, but was later broken by him since he wanted to marry Meher. Roman helps her by making her reach Bano’s mansion and giving her a beautiful dress. Shah Baba condier it as bad omen and assumes that Aimee is not that girl.

Meesha ignored Mayer and this created an air of mystery around her and Mayer got intrigued by her. She asks Dado to come with her to Bano’s mansion. Hearing this, Mayer breaks his relation with Zaini. It is later revealed to the viewers that Roman is actually the nephew of Suraiya, whom she has called to do her household work. Farjad decides to elope with Aimee. Because of its immense popularity the show aired on another Pakistani Channel Geo Kahani will soon air in India on channel Zee Zindagi. She curses Roman for everything. Relationship starts brewing between Mayer and Zaini.

She asks Dado to go with Meesha to Bano so as to repent for her deeds. Before wedding Meesha finally confesses her feelings towards Roman and Roman also reciprocates his feelings. Shah Baba condier it as bad omen and assumes that Aimee is not that girl. Shah Baba initially puts Meesha in prison. It is the one of the aikk Pakistani television series.

Meher is heartbroken due to her daughters.

Aik Nayee Cinderella by Geo Tv – Episode 5 – Part 1/4

At the fest, Meesha meets Mayer, but Mayer is unable to see Meesha’s face due to her mask. I was kind of missing Roman in this episode. The drama generated positive reviews with critics calling it “fresh” and “funny”.


Over the time she develops close friendship with Rooman.

Shah Baba decides to go to Meesha himself to take her. Fatima Awan March 12, As Mayer tries to convince her mom, she agrees on one condition that Zaini should say sorry to her inrasam eepisode in front of everything.

Shah Baba was irritant of Sikandar as he disrupted his magical and spiritual work of him. Meanwhile, Meher, after seeing Roman asks Suraiya to send him xinderella her home so as to do small house works.

This page was last edited on 18 Januaryat Shah Baba took his daughter and decide to marry her to Farjad at age of 7 years. Roman says Meesha to quietly agree to Shah Baba wishes as a part of his plan.

Seeing this, Meesha nyee depressed and cries in front of Roman wpisode expresses her grief. Farjad pleads shash Baba to release Aimee which he declines. Dado insists him to confess to Meesha. I can safely say that Aik Nayee Cinderella captures the magnificence of a rousing saga with utmost elegance. Rifts between Meesha and Tull continue to grow. Meesha leaves but returns halfway to meet Dado.

One day a person passes near their home announcing inauguration of carnival festival. Meesha goes with Roman to cloth designer where she bargains for clothes thus irritating Bano.

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The series also focuses on the novel of Cinderella. Zaini scuttles back Farjad in eipsode of Aimee thus insulting Farjad. This is to help Mayer select a bride.


After lot of persuasion, Dado finally agrees. Dado is against it but Meesha decides to go there. Fatima Awan February 17, When Saifullah was posted in Shahbad, he went to Hakim Sikandar for treatment. Meesha being distressed, starts crying badly and complains to Allah for her problems and asks ail godmother to come down and solve her problems.

aik nai cindrella episode 5 – 10th November – video dailymotion

As she opens her eyes, Meesha finds a man standing front of her. Also, a dhivehi dub of the same drama series was aired on Television Maldives.

It is about time this show ends! Roman telephones Shah Baba about Farjad whereabouts posing himself as his friend. Both Mayer and Meesha are disturbed.

In front of Suraiya, Roman tells that he lied to Meesha about fairy god so as to help her and he did all this as he loved her. Love blossoms between Farjad and Aimee. Moreover, Dado also denies permission to Meesha. Suraiya once again tries to get Roman to marry herself by again blackmailing to which Roman responds by saying to her to tell truth to Mayer. On other side, Roman likeness towards Meesha increases. On the other side, due to prolonged outside night trips, Suraiya ejects Roman from cinderrella house.

Saifullah has a heart attack and dies. Seeing her caring attitude, Meher has change of heart. To tease Zaini, Mayer starts using Meesha to tease Zaini.