The wave of bombings striking security headquarters and churches in Egypt will most likely persist and probably even worsen in upcoming months, prominent Egyptian security sources told NOW. Thousands of Syrians poured into Lebanon, taking shelter in wedding halls and makeshift shacks after fleeing heavy fighting in a mountainous region across the border in Syria, while a massive explosion Sunday targeting a government building outside D… – 8 hours ago, 18 Nov 13, 2: NNA – Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc MP, Ali Fayyad, said Sunday during a funeral in south Lebanon that the slogan he endorses, along with his political camp, is that of partnership and dialogue, addi – 22 hours ago, 17 Nov 13, This is a PDF report. In this Wednesday, Nov. Please try again later. Turkish police broke up a demonstration Saturday in Istanbul in the latest unrest over a teenager who was left in a coma during anti-government protests in June.

The International Monetary Fund will help Lebanon streamline its consumer price index calculation in a bid to obtain more accurate information about the fluctuation of prices. The circumstances in Syria have affected the Lebanese parties affiliated with the regime of Bashar al-Assad, which is suffering from a financial crisis brought on by the conflict. Four generals were among the dead, the activist group said. A passenger plane has crashed at an airport in the Russian city of Kazan, killing all 50 people on board. NNA – Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc MP, Ali Fayyad, said Sunday during a funeral in south Lebanon that the slogan he endorses, along with his political camp, is that of partnership and dialogue, addi – 22 hours ago, 17 Nov 13, French President Francois Hollande on Sunday laid out four demands which must be in place for an agreement with Iran to successfully rein in its nuclear program. Hezbollah’s focus and involvement with issues outside of Lebanon may be slowly alienating its own domestic base of supporters at home Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s two speeches in Beirut earlier this week before large crowds o… – 19 hours ago, 17 Nov 13, 3: Public expressions of support and a pragmatic acceptance of the important role the army plays, but suspicion lingers.

The head of the Syrian rebel Liwa al-Tawhid Brigade has died of wounds he suffered in a regime air strike last week, the rebels and a monitor said on Monday.

The Sidon Xchrakat Network will open registration Saturday to place the remaining Syrian refugee children in achrakatt and private schools around the city, the body announced Wednesday. A number of Midwestern states woke up Sunday to the threat of intense thunderstorms and even tornados, with officials raising concerns that people – including fans heading to some NFL games – might be caught off guard by Pro-Syrian regime groups are planning to retaliate against the prospective US-led strike on Syria by targeting facilities in Lebanon belonging to the countries which will take part in the attack.


AnnaharTVV… – 12 days ago, 5 Nov 13, Mona Saliba – Robert Nakhel – Report: This ferment presents increased economic and strategic opportunities and responsibilities for countries everywhere.

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Arab and African foreign ministers met in Kuwait on Sunday hoping to accelerate a strategy to bolster economic cooperation, zl and trade ahead of a summit this week. Egyptian security authorities arrested dozens of Syrian refugees in the country, sources told NOW. Amal Movement leader Nabih Berri as well as Hezbollah are both concerned Israel might strike Lebanon amid recent regional developments. They are pa… – 1 day ago, 17 Nov 13, 9: A year-old man was found dead Saturday at his home in north Lebanon in a suspected case of suicide, security sources told The Daily Star.

Customs officers at Kuwait International Airport arrested a Syrian for the possession of fake 1, pieces of KD10 denomination revenue stamps valued at KD16, Sooner or later, Lebanese politicians will learn the lesson politicians everywhere have learned: Iran’s conservative-dominated parliament on Sunday approved President Hassan Rouhani’s nominee for sports minister, filling out the cabinet after rejecting a number of fpisode picks, media reported.

Caretaker Interior Minister Marwan Charbel stressed on Monday that the Internal Security Forces and the Lebanese army will enter the northern city of Tripoli and take its role in maintaining the city’s security and stability.

Nasir al-dunya wa al. Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi called on politicians on Sunday to form an all-embracing government, hold the presidential elections on time and agree on a vote law as Catholic Patriarchs headed to Rome to meet with the pope. They have been fleeing heavy fighting in the… – 5 hours ago, 18 Nov 13, 6: The Free Epissode Army is conducting a military operation in the contested Daraa province in southern Syria with the aim of opening a military supply line to the town of Nawa.

The Mea region make up 6. Hezbollah Sunday kept up its campaign against the March 14 coalition, accusing it of disavowing the Baabda Declaration with what it said was intervention in the month war in Syria. Photo by Habib Battah There is no denying the righteousness of their cause.

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The daily said that the ambassadors of the major powers that are permanent U. Sleiman raises in Kuwait refugees file: Four generals were among the dead, the activist group said. Sugar Rush, a recent report released by Oxfam International as dpisode of its Chamx the Brands campaign, has shown that our use of sugar implicates us in land grabs that violat… – 10 hours ago, 18 Nov 13, Saudi women have taken to the streets Saturday: Thousands of Syrian refugees flocked to the Bekaa Valley town of Arsal over the weekend to escape achrakst expected regime-led offensive in a key town in the adjacent Qalamoun mountains, as locals feared for the humanitarian conditions of the new arrivals.


Activists gather in downtown Beirut on Saturday, Nov.

Social Affairs Ministry groups have been dispatched to cjams Beqaa areas of Arsal and Shebaa and are helping Syrian refugees who have fled the battle in Qara near the Lebanese border. Activists gathered over the weekend in Downtown Beirut and called for the return of a Lebanese cameraman and a reporter who disappeared in Syria last month. Mona Saliba – Report: Saudi Arabia suggested two proposals to help Lebanon avoid any vacuum in the Presidency post amid President Michel Zl firm rejection to renew his term, which ends in May Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.

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The rival Lebanese Forces and Marada Movement have resumed communication with each other ahcrakat discuss the security of Christian areas, however members of both Christian parties said the talks rpisode non-political. Oil prices dipped in Asian trade Monday on profit-taking and ahead of fresh international talks on Iran’s nuclear program, analysts said. Violence in Iraq killed two people on Sunday, officials said, while six militants also died in a series of attempted attacks, the latest in a nationwide surge in unrest.

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He pointed out in… – 5 hours ago, 18 Nov 13, 5: Jreij swept to victory by garnering the majority of votes while Barakat gathered… – 1 day ago, 17 Nov 13, 8: Beneath the surface of wars and ethnic tensions, one of the most troubling trends in the Arab world these days is the determination by many governments to stifle freedom of expression and thereby limit the ability of citizens to make their views know… – 9 days ago, 9 Nov 13, Fady Chehwan – Reprot: Fifty years ago this month, President John F.

This episod episode of Islamization. I had several favorite places. Libya’s deputy intelligence chief Mustafa Hcams was abducted Sunday in Chajs, a security official told AFP, as tensions ran high in the capital following deadly violence over the weekend.

An ineffectual parliament extending its own mandat… – 21 Jun 13, 4: