Abhay Hanjura — Founder of Licious 2. As I have heard from Herrn von Strempel, the financing of a German news hour will be taken care of. Mo Joshi — Founder of Azaadi Records In this con- nection, witness the first statements of the exhibit, “Cable to Berlin but not for use in publication the following: I had to use a certain amount of undercover work in order to be able to grab in the State Department a copy of Welles speech, before Leon Pearson of Havas smelt something and before McDermott saw me and threw me out. She is in the second half of forty, has a very nice personality and you may learn many things from her.

A Viennese Jewish refugee, who worked as editor on, the Vienna Morgenpost, is already waiting for the day when I give up my work. I had already been officially informed that you will take over the representation of Transocean in the United States and I was sincerely overjoyed at that. Colonel Emerson closed his communication with a “Sieg-Heil for your Fuehrer. From the evidence which is presently in the possession of the com- mittee, it appears that Berlin utilized Transocean News Service in this country for the purpose of submitting confidential reports. I wash you a good luck, good health and an ever growing prosperity, and vaguely hoping that we shall yet meet some time and somewhere before we get too old to travel and enjoy life. I do not think that I could have been entrusted with such a task at a more unfavorable moment. Macpherson has his office in the Canadian Pacific Building. Yours, 1 Enclosure P.

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They have heen in Germany on ninnerous occa- sions, have traveled around the world on several occasions and prefer lag travel on German steamers, all boycotting to the contrary. Yours very sincerely, J.


I am glad that you arrived there safely. In any case, I still correspond personally today with Mr. I wish to thanli you very much for your kind letter of October 21, This jovie indicates that Zapp and his colleagues were proud of their “pioneering work in the United States” and that Zapp was full of confidence as to the success of his work in this country.

The former went to Germany and was granted by Mr.

Depeschenbureau Europapress, Ausland-Pressedienst G. I do not know whether I wrote you that at that time I visited the Panama Confer- ence.

Hurley then asked Zapp if the organization was subsidized by the Nazi Government and he replied that it was not.

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Draeger, of the Karl Schurtz Association, with the request that he help him to see in Germany things in which he is particularly interested. There is introduced at this point exliibit No. Dennis, whether and how it would be possible to crank up Kaltcnborn’s engine for your purposes.

Herewith, Herr Doctor, my news is complete. The latter part of this cable, translated herewith, indicates that Zapp was controlling the shipment of a certain receiving set from Madrid. Another station is being built for installation at Lima, but it is unlikely that it will be ready for operation before November. The letter reads, in part, as follows: One year in Paris, two years in Rome, and frequent visits to London brought him together with leading men of France, Italy, and England.

Zapp was a man well trained for the task that confronted him. I am very busy here because in addition to my journalistic activities I fulll also deliver- ing lectures.


Thank you very much for your kind letter of Oct. He is now the representative of the Propaganda Ministry in tlie Embassy in Washington.

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To continue this for any length of time is impossible for reasons of health. I have been reading your Transoceanic Service with great interest. Search the history of over billion web pages lzga the Internet.

An indication of this situation is to be found in exhibit No. As you can well imagine, I am here chipper and fresh and up to my ears in work. C, August SO, We hate the very idea. With kind regards and Heil Hitler, Signed Blankenhorn.

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In this cable Zapp suggested to Berlin that “the only and at the same time the strongest guarantee for American neutrality appears to be a ruffled United States-of-America-Japanese relationship which for the present and for an indefinite period to come will not permit a European involvement of the United States of America. Ill is a communication, under date of December 16,from Zapp’s secretary to Mr. Naturally, for this price Transocean News acf not be published.

Kato but that this difficulty came from the side of a Japanese struck me so that I felt very sadly about it. Van Homeier is transmitting copies of all reports to me, which are most instructive for me.

I have not neglected to bring your most informative report to the attention of the Foreign Office.