Nimmi later expresses to Viren that she is doing this to free Viren from his family responsibilities so that post marriage both of them can concentrate only on each other. Jassi and Viren are surprised to see Nimmi. This makes Beeji and Jassi very happy and they start feeling that Nimmi is trying to get the family together. Despite their sexual attraction for each other, Virender and Jassi also cared for each other in ways friends and siblings would. Viren thanks them all and plans a small get-together with his buddies. Ashok tells Jassi that he is very concerned and worried about his sister Channi, as she has come to a marriageable age.

The story is about Jassi’s love affair with her brother-in-law Varinder outside her marriage. Jassi’s husband Narinder takes up a job in Sharjah after six months of marriage. Later, Jassi brings Channi homes and, and Viren mistakes her to be Jassi. Jassi, who devoted her days and nights to managing the house and caring for its inhabitants, had a secret that is revealed, most elegantly, in the very first episode. Viren obliges, and Jassi asks him make sure to buy a gift for Nimmi. However, before taking any decision, Jassi tells the family that she will first discuss with her family. On the other hand, Viren surprises Beeji by saying that he is looking forward to get married. Channi makes it clear that she wants her life-partner to be of caring and loving nature.

However, Naren manages to pacify her. Poonam chides Ashok and accuses him of always praising his sisters. Later in the night, Jassi wakes up petrified after dreaming that everyone in the family is aware of her being pregnant and a furious Naren dragging her out of their home.

Soon, Viren gets drunk and in an inebriated state tells Naren that he wants to talk something important. Later, Jassi meets the family and is impressed to see the girl. Mrinalini loves and nurtures Bindu while the rest of the household treats her with utmost neglect and cruelty. After having a good time with Viren and his family, Nimmi decides to leave. Viren reluctantly buys the pregnancy test kit. Jassi then asks Viren to bring the pregnancy test kit from a chemist.


It lasted barely five months. Soon, the secret is revealed to Channi, who, filled with vengeance and hatred for Jassi, catalyses another set of cascading events. She was in a aadeh with her brother-in-law, Virender Rohit Bharadwaj. But she finds herself incomplete without her husband.

Aadhe Adhoore

On the other hand, Viren makes it clear that he is not interested in marrying. Jassi looked him in the fill and asked: This was before the Ekta Kapoor juggernaut hit satellite television.

It was as though the original makers had been sacked and a new bunch recruited from elsewhere. Jassi and Viren are taken aback when the test comes out positive.

Though Jassi tries to comfort her, but of no avail. When the show opened it has been five years since Narender has left, and the family has become a content and self-contained unit of one man and two women.

Later in the evening, everyone enjoys during the Sangeet ceremony. Later, Jassi casually asks Channi about aadhr mad of dreams. In one scene, Jassi went to his room demanding an explanation for his unpredictable behaviour.

Honour killings by accident are convenient and acceptable. Viren is equally disturbed. Soon, Naren phones Jassi and tells her that he will be coming in two days. Beeji also gives the wedding card to them and everyone is elated as the big day is approaching near. However, he is irked when a lady comes home and snatches away the money, saying that Pappu had forcibly sold the goods to her daughter.

Nimmi tells her that adhkre in her family is upset because of his behaviour. Jassi then introduces Viren to Channi. Interestingly, Virender was rarely the target of hostility from the viewers.

When a Bold Plot Finally Succumbs to Pressures of Tradition

Jassi is shocked when Poonam makes it clear that she has decided to sever her ties with her. Jassi assures Naren that there is nothing to worry about.


It would seem as though the inhabitants of the Kapurthala residence had been suddenly possessed by alien spirits. Yet, Jassi is not above manipulating situations. The next day, Jassi makes up a story to Beeji and leaves for Jalandhar along with Viren. Such a hope was certainly kindled by the first two months of the show. Jassi is shocked when Viren makes it clear that he is not ready to get married.

The story is about Jassi’s love affair with her brother-in-law Varinder outside her marriage. Jassi and Beeji feel offended, but do not say anything to Viren.

Soon, Naren phones Jassi and informs her that he may get transferred to India. No price is high enough, the show seemed to suggest, when it came to preserving the fragile foundations of marriage and monogamy.

Aadhe Adhoore – Episode 15

At this, Viren also loses his cool and confronts Jassi. A furious Nimmi does not say anything to Jassi at this, but later decides to teach her a lesson. But during another ceremony Nimmi’s father and the cashier among many friends turn up to cancel the wedding of Viren and Nimmi.

Were she to look down, she would see Jassi lying dead in the courtyard suffering an extraordinary punishment for daring to love a man against the diktat of conventional society.

Channi is axhure to Naren getting up early in the morning. Soon, Viren arrives and is shocked to see Beeji worried. The cashier at the clinic gets suspicious as Viren is looking very perturbed.

Meanwhile, Poonam chides Channi for making delicacies in her absence. Jassi then sarcastically tells Nimmi that she will soon learn the norms of their family.