It was very much in character for Ha Ni to revert right back to her stalking ways, but it is ridiculously funny that she never noticed that as soon as she took a break, he turned right around and spent time with her. The author get’s irritated and says,”what do you mean?? And awesome makeover, but I still love the Duckie-ness in you, and if you get your Duckie-do back, I’ll be okay with that too. I appreciated particularly the scene where Hani was following He-ra and Seung-jo at the theater, but came to realize that following them and trying to mess up their “date” wasn’t right. He walked so so so very slowly, i held my breath throughout that scene! For every 10 things you do wrong, you do one thing that makes the other mean things you do seemingly insignificant

It turns out they have quite an audience, however, as Kyung-soo creeps up from behind them, running smack dab into Ha-ni and scaring her. Why is he smiling only when he turn and talk to KS abt hvg a re-match another time The thing is, i’ve been reading “The Roadmap to Korean” a book that helps you learn Korean and explains body language or other indications of what they really mean D I dunno if they will do it here.. Ashley September 30, at 4: That tennis training scene probably says everything about the dynamics of your relationship I hope they just stick to straight hair.

Is it possible or not possible to get a credit card?! I don’t want him to be consciously trying to be in Hani’s good book. Kinnosuke-ahjin-JG was there for comic support.

Let’s hope they used the 2nd kiss from the Anime too Heehee and jungsomin is awesomely cute. The thing is, i’ve been reading “The Roadmap to Korean” a book that helps you learn Korean and explains body language or other indications of what they really mean His expressionless face and grumbling ways definitely mask his glee at this opportunity to torture Hani again. I heard a boat is involved. Your devotion is sweetness itself. She manages to get her serve down, which is a huge accomplishment, and Seung-jo smiles as he watches her.


Playful Kiss: Episode 8 ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Ha-ni is way cuter than Ariel Lin though. I’d much rather see Hani with 2nd male lead than SeungJo with 2nd female lead.

You’re also right about Duckie’s right to really throw down the gauntlet–it’d be such a cop-out if he lost to Seung-jo. So much footage was shot but never made it to air I think that for someone who is trying to gain the affection of someone she likes wouldn’t want that to happen to her if she were dating Seung-jo, and I think 9oblz decision to stop following Hera and Seungjo really highlighted her good qualities and made me respect her maria.

She was just a classmate who was interested in Seungjo – that simple. Emma September 27, at 5: I know GF and JB have found Joon Gu very cute all along, but to be honest I’ve found him kind of overbearing and pushy nariha episodes Please enter your username or email address.

You sexy, sexy man! Is it weird that I’ve been continuously visiting Dramabeans for the past 4 days just to see if Ep 8’s recap was epsode yet?

Mag September 27, at 1: He does have another love interest in the manga. And the scene maroha Seungjo was musing about Hani being fun to raise and stuff, Hera seemed to agree with him as well.


You know the part where the tennis team found out it was Seungjo that cooked on behalf of Hani? Come on PK Fighting!!! Shinigami September 27, at 2: Oh livin on prayer haha Its round 8 and I’m loving the twist, the build up, the dynamics.

Cam September 27, at 4: But I feel sympathy for him for the first time in this episode. D I dunno if they will do it here. Seung-jo gets outed as the culprit.

This what makes this story seems real. I think she didn’t create much tension nor conflict — she wasn’t much of a threat either. In a way, his efforts were just as awkward as Ha Ni’s, since instead of being completely open about trying to see more of her, he made up these excuses about hating to lose and being determined to teach her tennis. She puts on sunglasses and goes herself, and runs into Min-ah and Ju-ri, who tell her about the ensuing match, and the fact that Seung-jo and Ha-ni kissed the night of graduation.


It’s like even if Hani doesn’t exist, Seungjo would still not be interested in Hera. It doesn’t hurt that I Wpisode jealousy scenes as long as it doesn’t involve characters I hate bein happy I was hoping that seungjo would think that kyungsoo and hani were on a date. Later that episoe, Ha-ni keeps an eagle eye on He-ra, who is about to make her move. V my all the time saviour n where can I find the previewis it on youtube?

I strongly suspect that SJ knew Ha Ni was following him on the “date,” and he probably came back up the stairs when he realized she had not followed him.

I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I think it has something to do with Ha Ni, and how incredibly all-around wonderful and REAL she is without being too perfect. He better be prepare for some fights haha. D Notice when he helped Hani up in the last part where she was pushed down, he was looking at her all along. I wish, I mmariha Ami September 27, at Unlike Seung jo, who is constantly observing Hani and can read her like a book, if only the better to humiliate her.

9obla Mariha Saison 2 Ep 5

I’m so glad that you said that. He trains her, even putting his arms around her to show her how to swing, and she tries hard 99obla her Ha-ni-esque way. Her encounters with Ha Ni are mean, but she comes off as pensive as opposed to manipulative a lot of the time. Kyung-soo and He-ra, and if Seung-jo loses, he has to attend the retreat. CHshe September 27, at