Will write to dramafever too. My personal player issues aside, messing with the beans just killed DF for me. I think I should email them about the subtitles too, because have some dramas that the subtitles are poor and don’t make sense Get your fact right http: I think DF wants to control what they consider their content at all costs, which technically they can do. Yeah this is weird There are a lot of people on DB who know their facts before posting it. I hope that this issue would be resolved quickly because I support DramaBeans and I do not want to boycott DramaFever because of this issue.

Aw, man, that’s too bad. It’s not like they claimed ownership; they were simply sharing. I know they are often the catalyst that sends me your way I’m not an attorney and don’t understand the details of Intellectual Property Law. X’s blog taken down last year because of his subs. I have an account with DF but after this and hearing all the stories, I’ll certainly never use their site again. I got the same feeling then as I did today. A longtime user, at that. VegePip March 7, at

Conny March 7, at What if they target Viki because people keep mentioning Viki. Obviously a face-saving move. This is so free advertising for the show. I think I should email them about the subtitles too, because have some dramas that the subtitles are poor and serbant make sense I really appreciate what you here at Dramabeans are doing for the fans. Not to mention DB posting a link to Dramacdazy on the site.

[Engsub] 7th Level Civil Servant Ep and 20 | Joowonies Pyong

V March 7, at I think that it’s just fitting to go back to an old Gaksital and quote one passage translated by girlfriday herself:. I usually just read and dont comment. We truly value having you as a member of the DramaFever community and we appreciate the work of our friends at Dramabeans. How can they think it’s okay to invite db’s gummimochi as a guest to promote their podcasts, and then turn around and file this DCMA against db?


I’m totally sure it was subbing a show 6 years ago how in the world did you find that??? I love your website so much and have been introduced to countless fascinating dramas thanks to your delightful recaps! I can’t draw or make graphic images or I’d be making stuff right now. Your website is called Dramafever, not Dramaqueen!

Dramabeans helps me keep track of all the new k-drama shows season after season, so that when I have free time, I can finally go back and watch the shows myself.

They KNOW fansubbers and fan forums exists, and they should be supportive of these sites since their main clientele are the same people who discovered kdrama watching these fan sites.


There’s always a way if your determined enough. I hear they have a history of bullying so yes, this might be just trying to clean up their mess. I’ve heard rumors of DF starting to become more and more horn-toting and cocky with their licensing rights, and this just confirms it.

Please also spread the word around to other DB fans and urge them to do the same. I’m not an attorney and don’t understand the details of Intellectual Property Law. And hands down, RMSub is one of the best variety show sub teams. Level 7 Civil Servant Favorite.

People lets rant here but also send an e-mail to Dramafever using the link provide above by mandelbrotr. I’ll get my fix somewhere thank you. I used to think DF did a better job with subs too, because their translations seemed to flow better.

But what about everywhere else? And in the wacth, when I can’t find any site giving me more information about one of your drama possibilities, I will wonder if you are blocking the information. EX-DF user March 7, at 6: Plus, I can’t use it properly anyway, that stupid hulu player they use now.

[Engsub] 7th Level Civil Servant Ep.8 watch online | Joowonies Pyong

I’m not currently using my account, but I’m still fine with paying the fees, because I have been happy with your service, hoping that maybe in a year, when my newborn infant grows up and life becomes a little bit less hectic, I can pick up watching Korean Drama again.


That is until the most recent major rotation of shows when I couldn’t find the shows I wanted on hulu or DF. I will miss my Joo Won,: I feel very angry when people at Dramabeans get slammed like this, because they are great avocates for k-drama who xramacrazy introduced me to your site.

Stick figures servnt as welcome as abstract interpretation and hand-placed Mediterranean tiled mosaic art. It’s like a wonderful work of art o3o. Glad we cleared that up.

I still asked they delete my account. I just asked them to cancel it. Will write to dramafever too. It is a violation if it’s hardsubbed, since the video would be modified.

It may appear reckless. Thank you for your time. I guess they’ve contacted you already. And while they have been struck down, they have NOT been replaced. Mawiie March 7, at It’s not like they claimed ownership; they were simply sharing. Well, chances are, if I’m not watching the show and only relying on DB’s recaps then I’m not going to start watching the show if the pictures are taken down. But what sold the drama for me was reading the first two episodes recaps and seeing the images posted inline it make me get the feeling of the wonderful richness of the drama.

Mysoju may not have been legal, but it sure as hell was the only way to access dramas in places that weren’t the States. But someday there is a chick who will hatch from that egg and walk upon that dirt.