It’d be funny if all this brainstorming had nothing to do with the plot XD. God, that felt good, just hearing her say the words. He presents himself in his own body this time, and sends him away brusquely, noting that all men are the same. Saima April 22, at 2: Yi Kyung will find the will to live again and possibly open her heart to the possibility of new love. I completely forgot that Kang doesn’t know about her lost days. The nurse enters to tell Min-ho that the stuffed animals have to go, because they present a health hazard. True, but since his term is lengthened by a week, someone else could end up being his last “customer”.

They run to catch up to Yi-kyung, who is walking along down the path where she and Yi-soo had once walked. And of course we see in the final episode that she really did love Ji Hyun as a friend even after resenting her for years and even ended up shedding tears of pure love for her. Two Cents April 21, at 9: We’ll make a fortune! He yells up a storm, that no one gave her permission to go hurting Yi-kyung. There are so many epic moments in this episode and my hands down favorite is how he pieces everything together and ends the episode with a hug that is so full of love, I can’t stand it! He finally picks up his phone and tells her where he is, so she shows up, wondering what on earth a reaper is doing at a pool. I like the premise of the show a lot, but this is going to be hard to get through.


Did the reaper really flirted with the girls in the pool? They note the look on her face and ask if this is a bad card. Even Min Ho was seen atoning for his sins in prison. Han Kang and The Scheduler wins my heart. And until now, the female character beside him is the one who feels guilty with their plan, not the dude himself.

She keeps eyeing him warily, like Nice-Kang does not compute. He yells up a storm, that no one gave her permission to go hurting Yi-kyung. Yoon So Yi Supporting Cast. However, what she finds in the city and the world within only showed her, a proud, grown woman, how small she is.

Great story and recap!

Which is probably one of the main things I liked about this show. So just start crying now.

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An oversight, doncha think? Just as he enters, she scrambles out the patio door and unnecessarily hangs off the ledge. As for the soundtrack, it was okay. Can’t find a good site yet She really might as well be a slime monster, by his recoil. It must be like Mary Poppins’ carpet bag I totally thought the same thing! I think one of this drama’s strongest messages is about valuing life and lucky and wonderful it is to live.

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Why did I share that? And you still like him? I thought her acting was terrible and that she looked too plastic. Wanted — child actor.

I had wondered abt that too! I totally watched this show for him.


I had never thought about that For that one frame from above of dayys four of them right after the magic trick flashback, it really gave me the dpisode that some higher power is at work at that very moment- maneuvering things since that very moment years ago. Meanwhile, she falls in love with a man who is a bodyguard for the Royal Family, working only to get revenge against them. It depends on our mood. I do watch them occasionally especially when they come highly recommended — like this show but I still prefer comedies and love stories.

Lee Elijah Supporting Cast. GrandmaFran March 25, drmaacrazy Please keep posting and speculating Show, no, no, noooo! I’m sure the writers creative enough to make some twist.

Both women are meant to help each other right? They make such an adorable couple.

The Last Empress

I like the actress Lee yo won, but I want him to get together with Ji Hyun She runs up to him brightly, and he just tsk-tsks at her dayx he sees her limping. Maybe this will make Fpisode more astute by the end of the show. Wait, you have a girlfriend? We can hope right? Lee Hee Jin Supporting Cast. Yup, it’s magic and I’ve asked someone in Seoul to look for one for me.